Saturday, August 25, 2012

30 Days of Sunset 18/30

the day of predominantly blue...
It is the first time that I changed the theme of my blog to blue. It has always been black and sometimes dark brown or dark gray but never of a bright color such as blue. I had the notion that since this is a photo-blog, the photos must take center stage and the theme should take a subdued backseat.

However, I have always been fascinated with blue. It is one of my favorite colors so choosing it as my new background isn't a tough choice. I just hope that my photos will complement it as well.


  1. Ok na ok naman ang blue eh. Cool pic again Attorney.

  2. Awesome pic. Another long weekend. Where to?

  3. There is always something to look forward everyday. Great shot.

  4. This is my favorite so far.