Friday, August 31, 2012

30 Days of Sunset 24/30

the day of rants and burning-out...
Have you ever felt that exhaustive feeling that you have already accomplished so much given the time allotted to you and yet there are still so many things left to be done? And despite all the efforts you have put into your work, your superiors felt that it was still not enough?

I am burnt-out!

        ... to be continued.


  1. Take it easy attorney and look at your photos so that you won't feel stressed.

  2. That happens to many of us, but vinzent is right, look at your photos, Oman, I'm sure they can do for you what they do for me each and every evening!

  3. Weekend na Oman, come on, let us go unwind.

  4. chillax...
    wanna see gensan pixs soon.