Sunday, August 26, 2012

30 Days of Sunset 19/30

the day my mom mourns the loss of a best friend...
They grew up together and shared lots of memories from their childhood days until highschool. She was even with her when my mother decided to elope with my father on a Simbang Gabi and has to bear the anger of my grandfather on why she let my mother go. I fondly recall this because this is always a running conversation piece whenever these two ladies meet- of how my mother did a disappearing act in the name of love.
And although they have gone seperate ways since high school, one never loses contact with another. One would be the ninang of the others child and vice versa. There was even a time that they shared households when those duplex houses were a fad. They would talk about anything and everything under sun and when they do... oh boy, it'll be hard not to notice because of the laughter and the antics that go with it.

My mother went the government/employment route while her besfriend entered into wholesale buying and selling of vegetables in the market. I always remember that whenever I accompany my mother in the market, we would always get our vegetables almost free because Tita would fill-up our baskets with vegetables from her stall and from her neigboring stalls as well. I would often complain because I was the one carrying the basket. And in return, whenever Tita needs something from the local government, my mother would facilitate it for her.

They often joke though that although they have ventured in different fields, one thing that they have in common was the fate of their lovelife, that is, their first marriage didn't work out. During gatherings, they would often say that "mag best friend nga tayo" because of their fate in love and they will couple it with endless sermons to us, their children, to carefully think twice, err thrice, err many times, before settling down so that we will never have the same fate as theirs. Although my mother moved to America, she never lost contact with her bestfriend. Whenever she send packages via pasalubong package to us, there are items there for her best friend. And whenever she comes home to the Philippines, they would always have an all-night reunion with endless laughters and stories to tell.

Last Shot Together of Nanay and Tita Lodi
But sadly, my mom's best friend succumbed to diabetes complications. She passed away last week. My mom at first was inconsolable knowing that she was not at her best friend's side at her last minute and that she could not make it at her best friend's wake. But then, knowing that her best friend will no longer suffer pain is enough consolation for her. And even if distance keeps them apart, my mom believes that prayers know no bounds and no limits and that another angel is added in heaven to guide her and both their families and friends.

"Dearest Tita Lodi,

You were not just mom's best friend but a second mom to us. Thank you for your support, your guidance and help.

Thanks also because in one summer of gradeschool, you accompanied me to the hospital when I got circumcized because mom is too afraid to go :p

Thanks a lot too for all those baskets of vegetables you always give us for free and those loads of fruits you give us whenever you visit us home.

But most of all, thank you for your friendship with my mom and letting her have someone whom she will cherish as her best friend forever.

Say Hi to Lolo and Lola from me. We love you and we will miss you.


Oman "


  1. Glorious as always and I do love the trees silhouetted against the incredibly colorful skies! I enjoyed the memories that you shared with us! Ah, the things we do in the name of love! Hope your weekend is going well, Oman!

  2. what a lovely long friendship they shared. your mom was lucky to have her bff with her for a long time. sorry for your loss.