Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Updates... Still Alive and Kicking

Just a few posts...

Been a really busy, busy week. We are through with our lectures in Corporation Code courtesy of Prof. Zarah Villanueva-Castro. At present we are with having our lectures on Special Commercial Laws with Dean Abella. I am on my way to San Sebastian so ... see you!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

It's April - Let's Get It On!!!

Time runs so fast. It's now April - barely five months before the BAR exams. Our graduation will be on April 09 and the start of the review class at Recoletos will be on April 18. So from then on, I'll be very busy reviewing. I have devised an arduous five-month reading schedule that I hope I could follow. And I have also listed down the books and review materials to bring to my review. So, with all that, I guess I have no more time for blogging (HUHUHU). I'll probably just have a post or two each mont till September. But no matter what, I'll be back on October. So WISH ME LUCK!!!
To my classmates - GOOD LUCK AND HOPE FOR THE BEST!!!