Saturday, June 28, 2014

Siem Reap : The Ruins of Angkor Wat

Blocked Causeway leading to the Temples

This will be a long post about the Temples of Angkor Wat so I advise that you take a look at the photos first and if you still have time to spend, please feel free to read my story about the most photographed Khmer monument in Cambodia.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Trip Thursday : One Night in Bangkok 2008

"One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster; The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free; You'll find a God in every golden cloister; And if you're lucky then the God's a she; I can feel an angel sliding up to me!" Six years ago, I walked the streets of Bangkok and these set of photos pretty much sum-up my stories.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Selfie Sunday : Berniemack of Habagat Central

Berniemack in Calle Real, Iloilo City

Bernardo "Bernienack" Arellano III, known in the blogosphere as Habagat Central is one of the most popular travel blogger in the country. He has extensively traveled the Philippines where he narrates his experiences and trips in his blog Habagat Central. His mission is to help tourists, students, yuppies, burgis, alipin, liping manggagawa, akademisyan, urbanite, conyo, promdi, pulitiko, negosyante, foreigners and many more in their travels and at the same time, guide commuters who need some references on how to survive and enjoy the 7107 islands of the Philippines without the expense of renting a car. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Camarines Norte : Revisiting Isla Calaguas

Footprints in the Sand

Four years ago, a group of friends ventured into a little-known island off the coast of Paracale. Only few outsiders know the place so it was sort of a hidden gem by that time. I remember to have reached its Mahabang Buhangin Beach and fell in love with it instantly. After all, save from another group of beach combers, we have the entire stretch of beach all to ourselves.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Foodstagram Friday : Food Pampering Calaguas Adventure

No beach get-away is perfect without replenishing yourself with gastronomic treats. Most of times, you bring your own processed or canned goods and cook it either in your camping set or make-shift stove. A better alternative would be to buy freshly-caught sea foods from the local fisherman and grill it or cook in a way you want with whatever ingredients available. 

But in this Calaguas Trip, we were lucky to be hosted by Vinzon's Tourism officer, so that basically means, do your thing on the beach and let them prepare your food. Well, who am I to complain? Let's eat!

Crunchy Breakfast
Crunchy dried espada, itlog na maalat, local sausage, fried rice and hot chocolate drink greeted us for breakfast.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Selfie Sunday : Ferdz, the Ironwulf of En Route

Top-loading in Bukidnon

This Sunday's feature is easy for me to write because I personally know this awesome travel blogger. I have tagged along in some of his trips and consider myself lucky to be in the circle of his travel blogging friends. Ferdinand Decena or Ferdz is one of the pioneers of travel blogging in the Philippines and his blog, Enroute, serves as a barometer to what is great in travel-photo blogosphere.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Camarines Norte : Sunset at Isla Calaguas

Second Time Around

“Soon it got dusk, a grapy dusk, a purple dusk over tangerine groves and long melon fields; the sun the color of pressed grapes, slashed with burgandy red, the fields the color of love and Spanish mysteries.”... that's Jack Kerouac on the road describing a perfect sunset. Sunset is one of my favorite time of the day because during this time, the sky becomes canvass and the fading sun provides all the colors you could possibly see. Each scene is like a painting and that no painting is ever the same.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Selfie Sunday : Billy of Galaero Escape Travels

Billy at the Summit of Pico De Loro

Billy Palatino aka "Galaero" is a licensed architect who considers mountains as his resting refuge. He grew up in rural setting mingling with nature in his home town in Marinduque where he climbed and played on mountains and hills together with his childhood friends. His innate passion for the mountains was instilled in him until today where he keep exploring and climbing mountains whenever his time permits.