Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Blind Testator

Under the civil code, if the testator is blind, the will shall be read to him twice; once by one of the subscribing witnesses, and again, by the notary public before whom the will is acknowledged.

How about if the testator is deaf? Then, there should be no problem because he can read, right? Unless he is also mute, coz he must personally read the will or he shall designate two persons to read it and communicate to him, in some parcticable manner like sign languages, the content thereof.


  1. I have a question?

    1)Paano bumili ng guitar ang pipe?
    2)Paano bumili ng guitar ang bulag?

  2. Luma na joke na yan eh! I guess your expecting me to say that the blind shall also immitate the mute in strumming a guitar. Nice try LOL.