Saturday, March 18, 2006

Legal Counseling

Here are the questions in the Legal Counseling given to and answered by Junior Law Students.
1. My brother was a firetruck driver. One night he was riding a car on his way to a dinner with friend. Because he sustained injuries in the collision, he tried to claim employee's compensation with the GSIS. Do you think my brother's claim will be favorably be acted upon by the GSIS?
2. After 24 years of marriage, my brother filed a petition for nullity of marriage on the ground of psychological incapacity. My sister-in-law countered that it was my brother who abandoned the conjugal home and lived with another woman. My sister-in-law filed a criminal complaint for concubinage against my brother. May my brother use as a defense the pendency of the annulment case that he filed, or at least use it to suspend the criminal proceeding on account of prejudicial question?
3. I bought a property in Kapitan Pepe Subdivision four (4) months ago, where I paid the amount of 1.8 million pesos. After buying the said property I moved and resided therein, but have not yet transferred the title to my name as the former owner undertook to effect said transfer himself. Two months ago, a certain Mr. Kikay went to my house in Kapitan Pepe wanting to buy the same. I told him that I just bought the house and that I am not selling it. I went to the Register of Deeds last week and found the title already transferred not in my name but to that of Mr. Kikay. I found out that the same property was sold two weeks ago by the same owner to Mr. Kikay for 2 million pesos. What should I do?
4. In 1993, my sister got married. A year after, her husband disappeared without a trace. Some say that she can file an annulment case. Some say that she needs to file a petition for the declaration of his presumptive death, or judicial declaration of absence. What does my sister need for her to remarry?
Any advise?

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    maraming salamat po asahan ko po ang inyong kasagutan.

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