Monday, May 14, 2007

Mom's Garden Revisited

I am planning to create a blog that specifically showcases mom's garden. Over the years, she has accumulated several varieties of plants given to her or bought by her whenever she travels. She always tells her friends that at first her "green thumb"
was not inborn, she had to develop it by constant gardening. She remembered that in her earlier years, she often failed to raise or even bloom her plants. But through the years, she has developed methods and techniques on how to take care of her plants.

She mainly uses organic materials (from dried carabao's dung to composted fertilizers). And she doesn't even spend luxuriously on her collections. She usually go bargaining on some old shops or just recycle some old fixtures and put it in her garden.

And the landscapes? Most of her visitors and friends are amused to find out that she didn't pay any labor for our landscapes. Everything in the garden was done by our family. Thanks to some magazines and lots of imaginations, the designing was entirely done by us. So again, here are few shots and glimpse of mom's garden:

I gave her the Callos Bonsai as a mother's day gift. The other bonsais on the background includes Kalachuchi, Cassava, Millionaires, Bougainvilla and Balite.

Here are several shots of several landscaped corners of her garden:

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  1. what a breath-taking garden, if i may say so. what makes it look special, i guess, is that your family worked it with their own hands. i guess paid labor and paid design can't give that homey, personalized feel to it.

  2. i agree with liz's comments. everything done with your own hands is much more appealing because hey, u made it urself.

  3. @ liz - thanks for dropping by, its cheaper and more fun too.

  4. @ cris - thanx for ur comment. do comeback anytime u want ;-).

  5. Nice garden. Its like lifted from the pages of a magazine. Good work.