Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thank You!!!

2008 was a good year for traveling. I had the chance to visit places in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and even went out of the country once. I got to explore some of the famous beaches in the country like Boracay, Pagudpud and Camiguin as well as feel the awesome might of our mountains and valleys in Ifugao, Benguet and Zambales. And of course, I was lucky enough to roam around some of my country's more than seven-thousand islands like Capones, Carabao and the Hundred Islands.

So this post is a look back at some of the places I have featured in this blog for 2008 and my way of thanking everyone of you who have visited this blog and who became my friends in the process. Thank You!!!

And since this is my last post of the year, let me just share this prayer coupled with wish that may you all have a prosperous 2009 ahead of you...

Thank You Lord, for All Good Things

Thank You, Lord, for all the things that make our lives so bright...
For blue skies in the morning and evening's golden light,
For the majesty of mountains and the beauty of the seas,
For animals and soaring birds and shining green-leafed trees,
For flowers of a thousand hues and gardens where they grow,
For homes where happy hours pass and the love those hours know...
And thank you Lord, for all the things we forget to name,
For you know our hearts, will know we're grateful just the same...
We ask for just one blessing more as bright as moon or star...
Give us wisdom, Lord to know how fortunate we are!


P.S. : I also would like to thank Fishing Guy and the creators of My World for inviting me to join their weekly meme and be given a chance to show my islands to the blogging community worldwide. To view their entries this week, please click here.


  1. it was a great year indeed. you've travelled some of the best islands and im looking forward to your camiguin post. thank you for bringing us to the nueva ecija,vizcaya and aurora roadtrip.

    thank you also for bringing us with you thru the blog posts.

  2. You live in a beautiful country. I look forward to you showing us more of it next year.
    Happy New Year.

  3. hey, thanks for the great stories and photos of your voyages bro. It was surely entertaining and educational ! :)

  4. happy happy new year kuya!
    ingats palagi ah=]

  5. It sure is a wonderful world at Lawstude's world! And it's been a wonderful year too! Wishing you the same not only for the coming year but for all the years to come!!

    May you find in your travels treasures that would last a lifetime. Not only yours but mankinds.

  6. happy new year, kuya oman..
    sana this coming year ay maisama mo din kami sa iyong mga byahe..hehe.
    salamat sa mga sinishare mong pictures palagi sa amin...
    ingat palagi..=}

  7. Happy New Year to you too!


    Wishing you all the best and be in good health always!

  8. I am thankful to visit your blog everyday, Nice post!

  9. Wonderful 2008 indeed!

    Thank you for sharing with us all your great travels. Cheers to a more adventurous 2009! Travel safe, as always. :-)

  10. Thank you, too, for bringing us with you in your travels! 2008 was indeed a wonderful and interesting year. Here's to more great adventure in 2009!

  11. hi lawstude thnx for those moments we've shared kahit sandali lng yun... its so nice to meet you salamat talaga!!

  12. sana makasama ako sa mga journey mo ingatzz lagi

  13. everyone is so nostalgic pagdating ng year end
    bakit kaya?
    pero tama ka
    masarap magbyahe
    lalo na sa sariling atin
    kahit sanman ako makarating,
    the best pa rin ang pinas para sakin

  14. LS: Thanks for sharing your travels through you world. Those shots brought back a lot of memories from you trips. Keep safe and have a wondrous New Year my friend.

  15. happy new year lawstude! keep blogging! your blog has really entertained frustrated travelers like me. browsing through ur posts is like having a wow philippines tour too! btw, i was even brought to a relative's blog through u.hehehe

  16. TOUGH TIMES never lasts, but TOUGH PEOPLE do.........happy new year LAWSTUDE!!!!

  17. Aside from all the obvious blessings and non blessings I got this year, I am thankful for stumbling over wonderful blogs like yours. Keep up the good work and keep showing us what we could see for ourself if we only skip the $4 latte and save it for a plane ticket to the PI :)

  18. Thank you for sharing those awsome photos with us!

    Happy new year!

  19. Ouch, blogger did it again, I left a comment here and it is gone. Anyway, Happy New Year, All the best for 2009. This site keeps me coming back for more!

  20. Lawsetude, amen! We are so very fortunate! Nice poem. Happy New Year!

  21. Ang dami nyong napuntahan. Buong taon linilibot nyo ang buong bansa.

    'Lam mo attorney? photos mo pa lang ang tinitignan ko touch na ako sa dami ng magagandang places na bigay ng Diyos sa ating bansa. walang sinabi ang ibang bansa. COmpleto ang Pilipinas! Ang suwerte ang mga Pilipino.
    Tumpak na tumpak po ang prayers nyo. Sasali na rin po ako.

    See you again nexr year.
    Alam kong meron ka pang ipapakita sa amin

    Happy New year ang ingat po lagi!

  22. happy and blessed new year, atty. oman! one of my blessings was coming across your wonderful travel blog!

    here's to more travels and adventures for us all! :)

  23. Your pictures are beautiful. My next t-rip will be to Java, but my favorite pinoy blogs remind me to come back and visit the Phils again. Keep blogging on your path to tjhe integrated bar.

  24. nice. more travels to come for you. happy new year. and i saw in your side bar you've been to morong, that is 30 minutes away from my place! sayang!

  25. You do live in a beautiful place....and I have loved getting to see your part of the world.....thanks for all of your visits...I have been so busy this past month I have been a bad blogger friend! but I hope for many more visits to your part of the world in 2009. Happy New Year!

  26. Happy New Year to you Atty. Oman!

    I wish you more funfilled travels in 2009 & may the Lord keep us from harm everytime we go out our home to explore the beauty of his creation.


  27. Happy New Year!

    I wish you more strength and energy to continue your adventures next year.

    Thanks for always being nice Mr. Attorney!

  28. Happy New Year! Hey, more pics and trips next year!!!

    Grabe andami mong narating. This year I got to visit Palawan, Pangasinan and La Union lang. hahaha

  29. hey lawstude! happy new year to you and your family. god bless. mwah!

  30. Nice One! :)
    I too take this moment to Thank Lord for Everything!
    Happy New Year! :)

  31. Kuya, Happy New Year! More of you next year, kuya and more places to visit!

    God bless you and your family!

  32. happy new year to you! wishing you more safe and enjoyable travels in 2009.

  33. pards happy new year!

    pasok na ang 2009! putukan na!!!

  34. happy new year Oman! more travels next year? ;)

  35. Happy New Year, Pards! Thanks for sharing such great pictures from your travels. We, your readers, learned a lot from you.

    Take care and I wish you all the best!

  36. Happy travelling and photographing for 2009!!

  37. you've been around good for you.

    Happy New Year!

  38. happy new year attorney!! thanks for sharing your stories, great images and thoughts :-)

  39. oman!

    happy new year to you bro!
    im glad na na meet kita dito.

    more travels and pictures to for this year!

  40. What a wonderful, moving poem! And I just love your blog and have enjoyed seeing your travels! I am glad you are part of My World too! Thank you for coming by my blog and wishing us well over the holidays! God bless you and yours! Hope to see much more of you in 09!!!


  41. happy new year bro! all the best in 2009 :D

  42. try our place next time. summer time is favorable. between february to october.