Monday, January 05, 2009

Foggy Dalton Pass

"A good road trip with a good company." Let me start the year with a series of posts from a road trip we took late last year with my best travel buddy Dong Ho and Lingkod's Orlan. The trip covered my province of Nueva Ecija and the neighboring provinces of Nueva Vizcaya and Aurora.

One funny thing to note about this trip is that we keep on searching for waterfalls but because of the heavy rains on those two days, we never had a chance to see one. But nevertheless, I still consider this trip one of the best trip I had because of good company and unexpected beautiful views.

Let me start this series with the foggy morning landscape of Dalton Pass:

A Marker with Japanese Scriptures

Slippery and Always Wet Path

Commemorative Marker Leading to the View Deck

Picnic Tables and Shed in the View Deck

Nothing But Fog 24/7

Another Tribute to the Heroes of World War II

Dong Ho Capturing the Views

Dalton Pass is the gateway to the Cagayan Valley region. It separates Nueva Ecija of Region 3 from Nueva Vizcaya of Region 2. It is a rugged piece of terrain where a part of the Caraballo Sur reaches out and joins the Sierra Madre. You will pass this road if you are going to Isabela or Ifugao provinces.

This pass became the scene of much bloody fighting during the final stages of World War II between Japanese soldiers on one side and Filipinos and Americans on the other that resulted in the death of about 17,000 soldiers. Markers that commemorate their sacrifice stand by the road's highest point, with good views into the headlands. The pass was named after General Dalton who was killed by a sniper during the war.


  1. These photos evoke such bitter sweet thoughts...and calls to mind heroes that we'll never know about...thanks for passing this on

  2. I love the photos, rain and fog give it a certain mood. It's breathtaking.

  3. Very interesting. Wonder what its like without the fog.

  4. I bet the road there is slippery specially when it rains like in Baguio where there is almost nil visibility in the morning.

  5. even it's foggy and cold, ang saya naman!

  6. Ang ganda, malamig siguro diyan, mabisita nga ang lugar na yan minsan!

  7. Naku! nabasa ko sa discharged paper ng tatay ko, nag serve din sa bandang region 2 and 3 noong WW2. buti na lang hindi sya ang kasama sa namatay.
    Nabayonet lang ang leg nya sa bandang Tirad Pass.
    Salamat sa history, sondalo noon ang tatay ko eh.

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  9. a foggy place like Baguio City
    Nice Photos.. rain or shine.

  10. parang nararamdaman ko yung lamig ng fog. :)

  11. Thanks for the history lesson. Wonderful photos.:-)

  12. love the mood of these matches the history of Dalton Pass.

  13. ang kukulit nyo sa picture..ahaha

  14. yihaa! andito na pala. posting mine tomorrow night.

    astig foggy experience.

  15. Looked like you guys had a lot of fun. Yes, good company made the travels more fun. It looked so misty and I wondered if it is very cold too.

  16. Magkasama pala kayo ni dong Ho.. kaya pala nawawala sya. Haha. Ang bilis mo amg-update! :)

    Buti nakikita nyo pa ang daan sa fog na iyan.

  17. not even the fog can hinder a true photographer's passion! hehe.

    parang "silent hill" ang dating. :P

  18. hehe. foggy. reminds of silent hill (a playstation game, ganda ng scene as usual.

  19. @ sandi mcbride - you are right indeed. honor should rightfully go those heroes of world war.

    @ photo cache - i agree. the chills of the morning fog is truly a different experience.

    @ ann - it would definitely be clearer. i think it's the fog that makes this place different.

    @ uno - yup, so extra caution should be heeded.

  20. @ estan - kwela kasama sila dom at orlan kaya kahit malamig eh panay pa rin kulitan doon bro.

    @ sheng - yup, madadaanan mo to pag punta ka either ifugao or isabela.

    @ nanaybelen - isa syang bayani. yung lolo ko din po ay isang sundalo noong ww2.

    @ mat - yup. para ngang baguio pero mas grabe lang fog dito.

    @ joshmarie - oo nga. tagos hanggang buto lol.

  21. @ dyosa - you are welcome. thanks.

    @ luna miranda - yup, a bit eerie mood gave tribute to an eerie battle that took place there.

    @ rio - para di kami ginawin kaya galaw-galaw kami lol.

    @ the dong - kaabang-abang tyak yan bro.

    @ alicesg - thanks. really fun company i had in this trip and yes, it is toooo cold.

  22. @ mel - second time ko nakasama sa byahe si dong ho. parang hapon pangalan nya "dong ho" pero ako mas mukhang hapon samin 2 kasi singkit ako ahehehe.

    @ fortuitous faery - yeah. reminded me of silent hill. kakaiba mga kuha because of the fog.

    @ jinjiruks - i agree. glad you like it.

    @ borneo falcon - yes it is but luckily, we could still see something. thanks for the visit.

  23. It's pretty foggy. But has this calming effect on me. Interesting place.


  24. The place looks a bit creepy but I wanna got here XD

  25. pano pa kaya kung hindi nagfafog no? naku! one of these days, iikutin ko rin ang pilipinas... ang ganda kaya sobra ng pinas

  26. nice! pagsama samahin ba naman mga hunky photographers eh. hahahaha

  27. ganda! yun lang masasabi ko... parang ang saya nyo... gusto ko din maikot ang pilipinas! hay... san ko kaya uumpisahan? :D

  28. wow ganda! sarap talaga bumyahe ano. go to places that not many knows is really something... :)thanks for sharing this..

  29. You guys must have wonderful experience with the trip & lots of photo shot too.Have a nice day.

  30. ito ang inaabangan kong post. ganda ng first ic. gusto ko yung pose nyong tatlo. Sana hindi masyadong foggy at hindi umulan. Am pretty sure sobrang nag enjoy kayo as you said naman.

  31. parang ang lamig lamig dyan. Great feature bro!

  32. hello----was back from a long break. I missed being here~~~


    bagong adventure na naman to a. mukhang marami na naman kaming aabangan sa inyo ni DOM.

  33. Rainy, foggy, cold, and wet. simply wonderful.

    happy new year, parekoy!

  34. O nevoeiro dá um certo mistério às fotos!


  35. @ kyels - the atmosphere really just wanna make you curl up and hide under the covers. really chilly.

    @ jimboy - creepy because of the fog. (di ba meron horror movie ne "the fog"?

    @ r-yo - happy new year din panyero.

    @ ifoundme - kung di nagfofog makikita sana namin mga mountain range ng carranglan at santa fe. ganda rin daw yun.

    @ vanny - hunky photographers??? hahaha baka chunky... :)

  36. @ lalaine - masaya talaga. no dull moments. ang kukulit namin eh.

    @ daniel j santos - thanks.

    @ jessforget - you are very much welcome and thanks for visiting my blog. feel free to go back anytime bro.

    @ unclewang - really wonderful experience. the rain did not dampen our spirits a bit although we were not able to see a waterfalls.

    @ redlan - ok din bro na foggy at umuulan kasi doon naman sikat yung dalton pass. pag summer lang konti fog pero mahamog pa din.

  37. @ allan barredo - thanks bro. malamig at makulimlim.

    @ pusang-gala - welcome back. how's the vacation? the next few posts will be our trip with dong ho and orlan.

    @ aethan - happy new year din parekoy.

    @ gata verde - (nosebleed moment na naman lol) thanks for the comment and have a nice day.

  38. weeeeeeeeeeee

    sama ako senyo hehehe

  39. Fogs everywhere ! Nice shots though :)

  40. Eight years ago, I passed hereby but it was not that foggy then. I didn't take photos because I was driving for somebody.
    It was eight long years and I'm seeing the place again through your website.
    Thanx for sharing, Oman...

  41. hanep sa tripping.. at in tandem pa.

    good luck sa 2009. sana mas marami tayong magala.

  42. Ang ganda ng camera mo!!!

  43. These photos made me more proud to be a Vizcayano. There are a lot more to discover about Nueva Vizcaya. These photos will surely attract more tourists to visit the place. You really take good pictures...

  44. wow grabee...

    ang dami talagang magagandang place sa pinas

    pero d pa siguro umabot ng sampu ang napuntahan ko na tinatawag na maganda talaga...

    i need to start exploring hehehe