Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cagbalete Sunrise

Sunrise + Beach = Heaven. The Comboboys (more on this on future post) woke-up early to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise in Cagbalete. Having been disappointed by the sudden turn of the weather that prevented us from witnessing the sunset the night before, we deemed it a must to wait for this sunrise since this is the lone chance we have on this overnight trip.

Although this is our second day to the island, I deemed it proper to start the series with a sunrise. After all, sunrise connotes beginning, start or first. And this trip is a beginning of lot of things. This is my first time in the island and first time to be joined by Kit and Manny. This is also the first time that we were mistaken as a rock band. Of course, this ain't the first time I traveled with my best bud Dong Ho and we even kid around that whenever we travel, the rain seem to follow us.

This is the start of my series in Quezon than features Cagbalete Island and Pagbilao Beach. Dong Ho posted a very good account of how we got there here, so check it out. For now, let me leave you with some of the photos I have taken as the morning breaks.

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird

Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
Praise for the springing fresh from the word

Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass

Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
Sprung in completeness where his feet pass

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
Born of the one light, Eden saw play

Praise with elation, praise every morning
God's recreation of the new day

Song lyrics from Cat Steven's Morning Has Broken.

More of Cagbalete on my next posts.

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  1. i'm just new here...can we exchange links?

  2. wonderful photos! i couldn't wait to visit this island. the photos with leafless branches are my favorite. the lyrics...perfect!

  3. outrageously stunning sunrise snaps, sana join ka sa skywatch meme also.

  4. amazing sunrise pics! gusto ko yung effect nung branches against sa sunrise :)

  5. beautiful golden tones! the best ang sunrise over the pacific ocean

  6. Wow, nice shot! As always, it's picture-perfect. :-)

    Buti ka pa you have no problem waking up early; hindi ko yata kaya yun. Patulog pa lang ako ng mga ganung oras. Ehehe.

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  8. Awesome sunrise... in fact the clouds add something to the sunrise...maybe because you better see the sun rays.
    In any case this are special moments well captured.

  9. sir, visit puerto princesa.. im sure ma enjoy jud ka.the el nido, under ground river and some beautiful site and places of palawan.. super ganda..the place is amazing

  10. summer...beach...whoa!i just wanna go home!

  11. Wow. The sunrise is truly amazing and your composition with the branches are great. Can't wait to see the rest of the series.

  12. Are you making me jealous? Because I am, i really am. Inggit ako sa pics na to, dahil alam ko na napuntahan mo, whilst i am gonna stay with summer most probably vacation-less.

  13. hati ako sa isyung ano mas maganda sunset o sunrise?
    hindi talaga ako makapagdecide
    pero based sa mga pix mo, sunrise muna ako

  14. ganda attorney! para kang nasa langit.

  15. favorite ko yung first photo mo. :)

    i thought the photo captions were all yours. :) lyrics pala. hehe...

  16. What an amazingly beautiful sunset! Naturally surreal!!

  17. Terrific photos. Like the one with the tree branches with the sunrise in background.

  18. A huge sea under an awesome sunset!

  19. Very fantastic sunrise photos. The lyrics described your photos very well.

  20. HELLO GUYS! How's your summer so far?

    @ realscore - welcome to blogging.

    @ luna miranda - really a fascinating island. perfect for backpackers.

    @ photo cache - i like skywatch meme but i still can't join 'coz i might not be able to sustain entries there. but wee you in myworld meme.

    @ carlotta - thanks for appreciating.

    @ lantaw - i agree bro. thanks for showing this place to dom.

  21. @ lara - thanks you. it was really an overwhelmiong experince to have witnessed the sunrise there.

    @ andy briones - morning person kasi ako eh. nasanay na ko gumising maaga to work.

    @ fern-c - thanks.

    @ sidney - i agree. moments like these really made me thank the Lord for giving me a chance to witness His amazing creations.

    @ anonymous 5:22 - i have been to puerto princesa but will definitely go back there specially to other parts of palawan.

  22. @ aquamarine - hope you could enjoy this beach when you get home. be safe my friend.

    @ vinzent - thanks bro. hope i do justice on the beach on my next post lol.

    @ sheng - di naman lol. mapupuntahan mo din ito someday. share ko na rin to para kahit di kayo punta sa beach eh parang nalibot nyo na rin thru this blog lol.

    raft3r - pareho ko sila gusto :)

    @ nanaybelen - totoo nay. feeling ko nga nasa langit ako eh.

  23. @ reena - salamat. dramatic dating no?

    @ sther garvi - thanks. hope it warms you up. great african series there.

    @ superman - thanks. i love that tree the first time i saw it because it provided so many photo op.

    @ luke wiley - just lucky tobe there. thanks bro.

    @ alicesg - thanks. i love the lyrics of the song and would probably be the best background music for any sunrise experience.

  24. parang ang laki ng araw. hoho. parang may solar flare.

  25. Awesome sunrise. So dramatic. Good job.

  26. opps. another photo enthusiast friend of V. :_)

    nice pix!

    (Vanny's Guest Author)

  27. yihaa! simula na pala ng cagbalete series dito. ang astig ng mga sunrise shots. i remember you waking me up to catch the sunrise after i decided to go back and sleep.

    personal favorite are photos 4 and the last one.

    saya ng comboboys experience.

  28. huwaw! ang ganda!

    sabi nga nila the best magtake ng pictures ng ganyang oras! hehehe

    ingats palagi kuya!

  29. Your photos are so surreal. Are they enhanced or photoshopped or something?

  30. LS: What a very creative sunrise with the cool lyrics. I got something similar that I will show later today. The big exception is that you had the ocean to capture. That was a beautiful sunrise my friend.

  31. Napakaganda naman ng simula ng araw ko pag ganyan ang makikita ko. Ang ganda ng mga kuha mo lalo na yung may mga sanga ng puno. Ayos to.

  32. one of my favorite songs...

    awesome photos.. naiiyak tuloy ako sa ganda haha

  33. I've been ffg ur blogs late last yr. But somethin came-up...anyway, I'm glad to found it again.Sori sa introduction ha.
    Anyways, your photos are really breath taking. Ganda talaga, as in.
    Please can you add me in your list, so I can follow this. Thanks

  34. so pano, blog tayo til we're 80 na okay? EB ko kayo pag 80 na ako. hahahaha

  35. Wow! These are magnificent! Each one is as breathtaking as the other. What a way to start the morning.

  36. Stunning images! Takes my breath away....

  37. You take such beautiful shots, my eyes kept scanning up and down. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  38. Ganda naman ng sunrise, yellow orange talaga. namiss ko na tuloy ang mag abang at manood ng sunrise.

  39. WOW! I'm extremely awed by your photos bro! Namiss ko tuloy hometown ko where thefirst milleluim sunrise of the Philippines happened. Haaayyyyyy. Breathtaking oman!

  40. ang lupit nga naman talaga oh! :D hehe..

  41. I like your take here. May "dramatic" effect. Ginamitan mo ba to ng filter?

  42. nice sunrise shots ! you can make a still video of these photos with cat Steven's Morning Has Broken in the background :)

  43. Totally love all the photos! : )

  44. i misd ur magnificent portal bro. hapi easter..

    my rgds,