Saturday, June 13, 2009

White Beach @ Puerto Galera

For weekend travelers and beach-goers, there is only one destination in Puerto Galera, and that is the White Beach. In fact, most visitors refer to White Beach as Puerto Galera not knowing that the island has much more to offer. I have featured those not-so-often visited beaches and places in Puerto Galera in my previous post and decided to end the series with a post on the island's most famous destination.

White Beach is a very popular destination for Filipino holidaymakers. It is cheaper than Boracay and its proximity to Manila made it very popular. It's a sight to behold when visitors come out in droves in the cool of the late afternoon to bathe and promenade. And when, the suns sets down, the night changes into a party scene where the shores are literally glowing with different performances as the bars try to out do each other.

Here are some shots I have taken at White Beach:

Building Their Dreams in the Sand

White Sand and Scorching Sun

Weekend Crowd... Too Much!!!

Guess Why These Girls Jumped...

Banana Boat in a Row

Early Morning

Shot from the Top

If you prefer a crowded beach with lots of activities going on. Then, White Beach is definitely for you. It has a long stretch of fine, off-white (bordering on light gray) sand that is perfect for walking bare-feet. The eastern end of the beach is best for swimming.

PROS - Accommodation is not a problem whatever budget you have.

CONS - Too many people.

How To Go There?

If you are in Manila, you need to ride a bus that will lead you to the Port of Batangas. You can either ride Ship that will lead you to Calapan Port or ride a boat that will leads you directly to the White Beach. If you have chosen the Ship to Calapan Port, there are frequent jeepneys plying the route from Puerto Galera (fare is around P20) or you can hire a tricycle that will lead you directly to White Beach (fare is around P100).

Since this is my last post on the series, let me thank the People of Puerto Galera specially Mang Ganni who was my driver/guide on my stay there. There are still few places I have visited which I have not featured here like the Ponderosa (overlooking the entire island), the New Park and some other beaches but hopefully, I could post them here soon. Hope you enjoyed this series as much as I have fun presenting them.


  1. wow... first ako? hehehe

    hindi pa ako nakapunta dyan... sana next summer makapunta ako :D thanks talaga sa mga post mo at kahit papaano eh nagkakaroon kami ng idea kung anu itsura ng mga places na hindi pa namin napupuntahan. =)

  2. Those girls were probably taking a jumping photo shot

  3. Ooooh. I love White Beach. I don't even mind the crowd because I am a show-off. Why do I have to wear my tiny swimsuit if there are no spectators around. Hahaha.

  4. May nakita atang talangka yung mga girls kaya sila napatalon. hahahahaha!

    Mabato pala ang beach ng Puerto? I thought sandy din like Bora. ^_^

    belated happy independence day!

  5. Nice pics! Hei man, its been a long time huh. I've been away for quite a bit. Good to be back. I have lots to catch up!

  6. Hi Norman! Lovely place!! Wonderful photos. Great post!!

    Blogtrotter has a nice lunch location for you. Enjoy and have a great weekend! I’m having the benefit of the holidays in Portugal this week... ;))

  7. i miss summer and beach-hopping whenever i come here. ahhh, white beach---walang kamatayan!:D

    love the new layout, by the way.

  8. boracay... is a place i wanna go but my friends told me palawan is even better =p

    hihi.. i went to 100islands from manila as well...2 yrs ago =p a very nice place... not crowded at all in Nov... three of us enjoy the island hopping very much

  9. The weekend crowd pic does make it look like Boracay's White Beach during the Holy Week madness - too many people.

  10. I agree, way too many people! Looks like a great party place but better look for another beach to relax and unwind.

  11. hmm...I really need to drop a msg today. Hi, I've been following ur blog I think since few months back. I am not Filipino, (look like one) and I love being in the Philippines since the 1st time I was there. Pinoy food always the reason I come back, (I just came back from Manila a week ago). And having to find your blog is perfect I really amazed for those places u've visited, and some places I really (hoping my plan) want to go.

    Keep up. I am ur true follower now (hahaha) Hope u had a great weekend.

  12. O ya. I added u in my blog list. just to inform. thanks

  13. Looks like a great place for a break away. Beautiful surroundings and girls! :P

    Alex's World! -

  14. Adorei as fotos onde aparecem pessoas! Belos momentos captados pela tua cãmara!!


  15. I really prefer the beach you previously featured because of the less crowd but if I really wanna check the beach bums then this is the place to be.

  16. Siguro maganda pumunta jan pag weekdays para hindi ganun ka crowded. Tag-ulan na pero summer pa rin sa blog mo.

  17. hi! something's different with your layout, no? :) i like this layout better than the previous one.

    anyway, i've been there. if not for the company of friends, i wouldn't enjoy this beach much. there's too much crowd and noise.

    i like that jump shot though. it never fades!

  18. I am really dreaming of a holiday now...

  19. The girls jumped because you told them to. Hehe!

    I love the place. I am not really a traveler so I'm happy to see these pictures. Para at least kahit sa pictures nakita ko na.

    The second picture is what I like most. Building their dreams. Hope later on it will not be broken dreams.

    Super nice photos. Am such a fan!

  20. would like to visit galera again...been there right after college, a decade ago. thanks for the pics, it updated me somehow.

  21. Such a tropical paradise. I won't mind the crowd, I am sure there is enough spot for everyone.

  22. This is so beautiful place and scenery!

  23. Puerto Galera is already on my list to visit... fellow blogger nutArt is there.

    Baket nga ba naglulundag yungmga chicks? Nakita ka siguro ... heheee.

  24. Judging from your photos, I think White Beach is a good place to unwind albeit commercialized just like Boracay... It's very near to Manila, that's one thing...
    I like the third photo the most in this post - White Sand and Scorching Sun...

  25. The net and the beach photo I like it and the man and women.

  26. astig, lawyer na traveller pa. when i saw this blog thru another link, i quickly browsed the site to find an entry featuring my home province Mindoro, and bingo, you do have. salamat, am really proud to be a mindoreño. nice photos, panalo! add kita atty. sa link. i just started blogging, i travel a lot, too. travelling makes me sane. also want to share my travel experiences. haha. kindly add my link too. maligayang paglalakbay! ang ganda ng pilipinas.