Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Revisiting Dingalan

One of my favorite places to go to whenever I come home to Cabanatuan City is the quaint little town of Dingalan. And with the opening of a new highway that traverses Sta. Rosa - Fort Magsaysay - Laur, going there is now much, more easier.

Dingalan is officially a part of the province of Aurora but strategically, it seems like it is more a part of Nueva Ecija. In fact, there is no direct road route that links Dingalan with other municipalities of Aurora such as Baler, San Luis and Maria Aurora. And if you happen to be in these areas, you need to pass by Nueva Ecija just to go Dingalan. Of course, a boat ride is another story and if you happen to be the adventurous kind, go brave the ride.

Dingalan is famous for its natural beauty. From the mountainous terrain of the Sierra Madre sloping down to the huge waves hampering Dingalan View. These amazing views can all be seen while driving down its concrete highways.

These vast mountain ranges are the source of rivers, streams and mountain springs crisscrossing the rugged terrain and draining towards the mouth of Dingalan Bay. Before typhoons devastated this town, we used to go to Talon, where a series of mini-falls create a cauldron-like pool in several steps where if you are brave and fit enough, reaching the top-most falls will reward you with the freshest water to enjoy.

Today, one of the more popular destination here is the Dingalan beach where a port was recently constructed. Although the shoreline here is far from ideal, most tourist and locals still flock the place to enjoy the view of the sea and its surrounding mountains. It is also a good place to mingle with the charming locals who have ready smiles for you.

My favorite spot in this town however is a mini-resort where you can bathe in the clear pool of fresh water that came from the mountains. For just a minimum entrance fee of ten pesos (used for maintenance), you can enjoy the place and even find solace in a place you can call your own. Huge boulders and flowing waters surrounded by abundant greens make the place just perfect for relaxation.

And of course, while you are in the place, a must-try gastronomical experience will be dining in at Dampa near the Dingalan Bay. You need to buy your seafoods at the nearby stalls then Dampa will cook it for you anyway you want it from sinigang to adobo to frying. I strongly recommend their version of calamares and of course the spicy buttered prawns. The best seafood meal at a surprisingly cheap price.

To go there, the best option is still to go to Cabanatuan City by bus. Five Star, Baliwag and E & S Transit ply the Cubao-Cabanatuan Route. Then from Cabanatuan City Central Terminal, you can ride a mini-bus or a jeepney to Dingalan, Aurora.


  1. ang sarap ng tubig sa ilog at sa dagat... malapit ba yan sa Gabaldon ba yun? baka kasi magpunta kmi dun pag gumanda na ang panahon...

  2. ganda ng rock formation!

    again! nice capture! astig!

  3. What a beautiful place and a wonderful capture as always! Hope your week is going well!


  4. What are those orange things inside the bottles?

  5. the rocky part of the water is a good place for meditation.

  6. ah di na pala kelangan mag bangka papunta dito. nasan ang mga pagkain nang mainggit kami hahaha!! :))

    parang ang sarap kumanta ng tabing ilog dun sa batuhan oh ahihihi :D

  7. Ooh, I like the first pic, so dangerously beautiful. Madulas siguro jan hano?

  8. awww-namiss ko talaga ng dingaalan. very memorable. kaya the mere mention brings back very good memories. dyan ko lang talaga nasubukan yung sa subrang lasing kaya sa tabing dagat nako nakatulog...those were the days. when everything was adventure......hahaha

  9. May ganito palang lugar na malapit sa Cabanatuan City. Last na pagpunta ko sa Cabanatuan, Hotel at Mall lang ang destination ko. Pero nanotice ko sa malls, ang daming foreigners. Napaisip nga ako, ano ang mga spots for tourists dito sa area na ito? Now I know. Thanks for sharing. Punta ako dito next time.

  10. Lawstude---kaso me vignette effect yung mga shots ko dahil sa cpl. diko ma-edit kasi wala akong photoshop. lightroom lang. hahah. thanks for the compliment. hiya naman ako.coming from a pro like you. ei---I think I am ready to run with the BIG

  11. looks like a nice river to visit when I hit Central Luzon again! thnx for sharing!

  12. ganda ng location ng hammock at nipa hut. gusto ko riyan!

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  14. kakamiss nga ang dingalan. mabisita nga ulit yan next year.

  15. seriously kidnap me back to the philippines!!

  16. Di ba binagyo ang Aurora? Pansin ko lang kasi lagi binabagyo yan eh. I used to go to Talon Falls kaso wala na nga sya kasi nasira ng bagyo. Ganda ng mga pics as usual.

  17. Nahilo ako sa comment ni Kraxpelax hahaha.

  18. ganda ng bundok. when i hear of dingalan, i think of mountain ranges. i didnt know nasa tabing-dagat pala sya. hehe

  19. Hi Norman! Another great place to enjoy...

    Sorry for the absence: out one week, busy on return and then caught by the flu... ;)
    Blogtrotter Two is still waiting for you in Algiers... Enjoy and have a great week!

  20. Sorry, is that Oman rather than Norman? I apologize...

  21. wu kasama yan sa next destination ko! ako man nagtataka kung bakit part siya ng aurora, siguro makikita nalang yun sa tradisyon nila..hehe

  22. nkkmiss ang dingalan..bkt kng kln umlis nq don ska prang lalong gumnda at fully develop uwe q una una q yn pupunthn ung s ilog fvorite nmn pliguan ni leng...haaayyy leng kmust kn kya jn s dingalan...sna my asw kn