Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spendin' Sometime at Bagasbas Beach

Christians all around the nation will definitely head-out into the water this Holy Saturday. Old Traditions and beliefs have it that water this time of the year has healing powers that can wash away all the sins committed through-out the year. Well, sins or not, I still think that with the searing heat and all, today is the perfect day to cool-off, and immerse with that satisfying feeling of being at the beach.

With more than 35 thousand kilometers of shoreline scattered along more than 7 thousand islands, the Philippines will never run-out of beaches. And if you happen to live in Daet, Camarines Norte, you are just fifteen minutes away from their premier aqua-sports-filled beach - Bagasbas.

Bagasbas is more of an activity beach rather than a laid-back one. Its strong waves is perfect for surfers and waders. At mid-morning until mid-afternoon, you almost cannot see any activity at the beach but come afternoon, the place suddenly lights-up with surfers and swimmers coming-out of their hides and the restaurants and karaoke bars along the highway opening-up for customers.

Here are some shots of the beach before it gets busy:

Branches and Seas

Light House

Light Gray Beach

Leafless not Lifeless

Life Guard

Pine Tree

Sand Play


  1. Beautiful photos, Attorney. Just got back from a morning walk, the sun is harsh outside. I preferred staycation this holyweek and my officemates are sending me MMS of Bataan and Mayon.

    While I'm just here in Manila, felt like I've been to many wonderful beaches just by looking at your photos and the others too.

    Happy weekend, Attorney.

  2. Such a gorgeous beach and a fantastic capture as always, Oman! I do hope you have a wonderful, Happy Easter Weekend! Enjoy!


  3. This is beautiful. It's really worth dropping by and reflecting (or just merely enjoying) the life you capture on a regular basis. thanks very much. Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Beautiful beach!
    A blessed weekend.

  5. wow, the swell is perfect for surfers! nagtry ka? =)

  6. @ rizalenio - thanks lito. i am enjoying holy week with my nanay back home whom just arrived from the states. next year na lang uli ako gagala.

    @ sylvia - thanks. you too. i had a great and fun time at home and in the net :)

    @ sakura - you too. thanks. enjoy easter.

    @ regina - same to you :)

    @ chyng - i wanted too pero kulang sa time. maybe next time :)

  7. Nice place. I like the shot with the leafless branches with the beach in the background. As always, you make me want to visit the place. Kailan kaya ako makaka-ipon to travel? Hehe

  8. Oman: You have certainly caaptured the beauty of the area with your photos. Thanks for sharing the wonders of your land.

  9. That looks like the perfect day to be out on the beach and in the ocean. Wonderful shot. I like the hut as well as the great shot of the coast. Happy Easter Weekend!

  10. Hiya Stude,
    To answer you question first:

    A grouse is a game bird that daft people feel the need to shoot.
    They are not allowed to start with this monstrous 'sport' until August 12th, known by some as 'the glorious Twelfth'.

    It is also a verb, meaning 'to grumble'. I presume you are referring to my fledgeling bird blog? "duck-or-grouse" ?

    This refers to living in low beamed ancient English cottages, where normal size people hit their heads on them at least twice a day. Also in pubs with low beams. That is where the pub landlords hang a little notice saying "Duck or grouse".

    Your beach pictures are enough to make me envious. Such inviting water. Those trees make a great foreground. No leaves yet?

  11. That looks like a gorgeous beach, just the place I'd love to spend some time now. It's supposed to snow off and on at my house for the next three days!

  12. the first pic is a picture of serenity and calmness... Enjoy summer and happy easter!

  13. @ visual assault - first of all, awesome handle :) ipon? dami mo na kayang pera dude :)

    @ fishing guy - hi there, sorry for the temporary exchanges but i do visit blogs whenever i have the opportunity.

    @ carver - thanks and happy easter too.

    @ joco - thanks for the info. now i know what grouse means :)

    @ ai - hope these photos keep you warm at least.

    @ sergio - happy easter too.

    @ ian - thanks and happy easter too.

    @ tina - salamat :)

  14. I've been to Bagasbas back in 2009, side trip when I went to Calaguas. Na frustrate ako kase weekdays ako pumunta and I wanted to see the surfers pero wala ni isa, isang tao lng andun, yung masahista. hehe

    mukhang weekdays ka din oumunta based sa pix kase walang tao. =)

  15. Warm views for this cold summer nights.

  16. definitely not lifeless even with no people around. the waves seems to say live an active life.

    di pa ako nakarating diyan.

  17. nalala ko bigla ang Ilocos Norte nung nakita ko mga waves sa pic mo. alam ko na malalaki mga yan sa personal. the place looks deserted tas malalaks alon.parang scary dyan pag gabi.hehehe

  18. nice beach... that's a modern looking lighthouse :)

  19. Nice beach! And that's a nice signature on the sand : )

  20. The beach looks kinda calm. Pero I have seen in your latest post that it could be wavy too. Best of both worlds.