Sunday, October 09, 2011

Tara Na! Adams Tayo!

When one speaks of Ilocos, what comes to mind are century-old churches, lovely beaches and ancient houses. So when I told my friends that I will go to Ilocos to trek mountains and chase waterfalls, they asked "Did you say Ilocos?"

Yup. There is this little mountainous town in Ilocos Norte called Adams that is waiting to be explored. Although it is geographically part of Ilocos Norte, this place is somewhat more of a Mountain Province or Ifugao-type. In fact, I do feel the Sagada resemblance sans the hanging coffins.

The photo above is Adam's poster falls Anuplig. Located within Mount Pao, Anuplig is a good one hour trek from the town proper. The hike was quite easy but since it rained that day, the slippery red-soil made it quite a challenge. And to spice things up, there were portions of the trail where there are eroded patches of loose soil that you will literally cling on vines to proceed.

But an hour later, upon reaching the destination, you will be rewarded with the majestic view of Anuplig Falls. Although there are huge boulders that obstruct the view of the entire falls, it nevertheless added to the appeal of this falls. Upon seeing the falls, we instantly knew why it was Adam's poster falls.

Here are some more photos of other interesting spots in Adams:

Baset Hanging Bridge

My Comrade Crossing The Bridge

I have crossed Hanging Bridges before but this one I think was one of the longest. The vibration in the middle was quite nerve-wracking that I have to walk fast just to go near the end of the bridge. And when I reached the end, I can't help but to scream in delight.

Mountains, Steams and Foot Path

Fish Pond By The Mountains

As I have mentioned in my previous post on Adams' Food Trip, there is a tilapia farm in the area which serves the freshest tilapia dishes such as sweet and sour, steamed, grilled, sashimi and many others. Just ask for Aileen (she is quite popular there) to serve you the most delectable tilapia meal.

Maligligay Falls

There are about a dozen named falls in Adams and a lot more unnamed ones. Maligligay Falls, also known as Pablo Falls, is one of the more popular ones. This is about 45 minute hike from the town proper but a more difficult trek because of eroded foot path. Going to the downstream portion of the Falls is quite a struggle so I just contented myself taking photos at the boulder near the falls.

Natural Streams

View from the Top

Hanging Foot Bridge

Hanging bridges are common in Adams as it connects one part of town to the other. Also, during rainy season when lakes and streams' waters are too deep, these bridges are their only mode of connection. You will pass this particular hanging bridge if you opt to see Anat, Cabacan and Inuwayan Falls.

The Town of Adams

Now, for the Hows...

To get there - We rode an overnight Florida Sleeper bus from Manila to Laoag. (I highly recommend this kasi nakatulog talaga ako ng mahimbing dito, paggising ko nasa Laoag na ko.). We rode a van from Laoag to Pantian (tell the driver to drop you off the road leading to Adams). Then we rode a motorcycle from Pantian to Adams (13 kilometers of dirtroad).

For accommodations - Homestays (they call it homey place) are your only option. Price range from about Php 200 to Php 300 per person per night. They will also prepare your food for a reasonable fee.

To wander - Motorcycles are your best option.

So, what are you waiting for? Tara Na! Adams Tayo!


  1. ang ganda.. gusto ko bumalik sa Ilocos!! nakakatakot yung hanging bridge, ang haba..

  2. Wow napintas ti Ilocos! I hope makapunta ulit ako ng Ilocos :)

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  3. yun pala yung bridge na nadadaan ng motor ng kaisa isang driver ni oggie. ganda nga diyan.

  4. What an awesome capture, Oman! And what a gorgeous place! I do love waterfalls and this one is breathtaking! Hope you've had a great weekend!


  5. The first pic is just so beautiful. My draw japped... I mean my jaw dropped lol.

  6. Ang ganda ng Anuplig Falls. Ang lamig-lamig siguro jan.

  7. Interesting place. I agree on the first pic. Dramatic yung dating.

  8. parang ikaw tagasulat ng scrpit ni tony bourdain. ah galing nitong post na to.

  9. I agree with Photo Cache, this is one of your better posts. The stories and the photos are just great. Keep it up.

  10. wow nice falls and very informational post! i'll add this to my places to visit in the north as i always go on a roadtrip there!very nice blog too. well published articles.good job panyero!

  11. Ito rin yung di ko napuntahan sa Ilocos. Hehe! We were already at the foot hills but the weather was really gloomy. When it started to rain, we decided to abort. Wala lang.... ayaw namin ng miserableng lakad eh. Too many of those before. But this makes me want to go back and do another attempt. Great post!!

  12. teach me how to (dougie!) do soft flowing effect! =)

  13. Got scared seeing the hanging bridge. Buwis buhay ang pagtawid dito. Tilapia!!! My favorite. I'll go here just for the tilapia. :)

  14. This is something I'd love to do with mountaineer friends. Excited nako umuwi ng Pinas!

  15. Adams just got featured in a tv network where the most damage is done by Quiel! Too bad.

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  17. There is something magical about the first photo.

  18. the hanging footbridge looks intimidating but fun! would love to do that hike just to cross the bridge and see the falls!

  19. Wait until I am fit and I will be ready to conquer those falls.

  20. Ganda dito Oman! Parang ang sarap maligo sa falls! Hehe! Your photos are as usual superb :D

  21. wow ganda...nice pics.. sobra! hope to visit there soon...