Friday, November 11, 2011

Isla Capones de Zambales

Take away the colors and what have you got? Throw in the film grains and what remain? Feels like the seventees, you may say, but that precisely is what you may feel in Isla Capones de Zambales. Your basically devoid of anything - electricity, fast food, malls or anything like that - just like the golden old times.

I can still vividly remember the trip because it was not one of the easiest. What was supposed to be a 30minute boat ride turned into a couple of hours because of an approaching typhoon.

A plan of sleeping underneath the stars turned-out to be a night of cramping into a wet tent as strong winds playfully.. err, forcefully play with us.

And in the morning, we could only watch strong waves splash on the stony shores. There goes the swimming part and what a time also to not bring a wake or a surf board.

But it's not all epic fail (pardon the term), because we were able to see the island on a different kind of mood - gloomy skies, wet grass, endless streams and slippery rocks among others.

And explore the island we did, although limited by the bad weather and slippery paths but adventurous neverthheless.

And more importantly, that was the first time I have joined a travel blogger/buddy that would become a friend even outside the trips.

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  1. Happy 11.11.11 Lawstude. There is something enchanting about the photos. Maybe its the tone.

  2. even in sepia, the place still looks breathtaking.

  3. What a terrific capture, Oman! And regardless of the sepia it is indeed breathtaking! Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. Its like golden old days picture like the 70's... it made the pictures classic.

  5. I agree with Ian, parang 70's classic nga yung mga shots.

  6. remains to be one of my favorite and memorable island

  7. back to basics - not really a bad thing. we have to experience getting unplugged once in a while.

  8. I recently went on a solitary trip to Zambales. After a night in Anawangin, we attempted to visit Capones and Camara. But all the attempts failed because of the unforgiving waves. We couldn't dock on the shore. But after having read your story about it, I am considering of giving it another try.

  9. andami mo palang scary boat experiences... hehe

  10. di pa ako nkkpunta dito... ganda ng pictures khet walang color... :D

  11. Love this!!!
    Can't wait to go there next year!

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