Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mount Pinatubo: The Crater and The Bagets

Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake
It is a trip like no other with twenty-nine travel youngsters and hundreds more in tow proceeding in a mecca-like fashion to one of the most beautiful spot created by a disaster.

"Welcome Pinatubo Crater Lake" reads the wooden sign. After a sweltering two hour hike amidst ash, streams and stones, one will be rewarded with the stark beauty of the crater with its cyan lake. And after the sight has refreshed you, you need to take the hundred-steps concrete stairs down the beach to have a first-hand experience of the waters. The 2.5 kilometer lake sits inside the crater with a shore occasionally gentle, sometimes rough. Take a plunge in the deep blue waters of the Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake. Swimming is allowed so long as one avoids going near the middle.

Also, for a fee (Php 350), you can take a boat to the other side of the lake where there are hot springs that can cook an egg in minutes.

Here are some shots of the place and the bagets whom I had fun with:

Welcome Sign

Ashed Beach

Simply Picturesque

Cyan Crater

King of the Crater

Tattoed Kaiz

The Hike

PTB Bagets

PTB Itinerary

03:00 am – ETD Manila to Brgy Sta. Juliana, Capaz, Tarlac
06:00 am – ETA at Tourism Office, Capaz, Tarlac for Registration
06:30 am – 4×4 skyway ride to jump-off point
07:30 am – Trek from jump-off point to crater
08:00 am – ETA at the crater, explore, photo ops
11:30 am – Lunch (packed lunch)
02:30 pm – ETD from crater to jump off point
03:00 pm – ETA at jump off point, 4 x 4 ride back to Tourism Office
04:00 pm – ETA at Tourism Office
06:00 pm – ETD Capaz
07:00 pm - Dinner at Isdaan/Tacsiyapo
08:00 pm - ETD Isdaan to Manila


  1. do you know how deep is the lake? may nag dive na ba dito? no, i am not planning to dive. LOL

    it's beautiful. i remember a scene in a movie where the water in the crater lake suddenly turned hot while a couple was in the water. sana di yon mangyayari sa Pinatubo lake.

  2. Fantastic capture of a breathtaking place, Oman! Love the color of the water! Awesome! Wishing you a great weekend! Enjoy!


  3. oh such beautiful pictures. one day i'm going to see this.

  4. The view of the Lake never fails to mesmerize me. Great job.

  5. Such a wonderful gift to human kind... Hope to get here too this coming April.

    Thanks for sharing sir :)

  6. very picturesque indeed.. that boat floating in the middle of the crater is amazing pic :)

  7. still the most breathtaking spot in pinas. ♥

    bagets pa din tayo! apir! =)

  8. maganda talaga ang pinatubo at di nakakapagod pag makukulit ang mga kasama.

  9. I agree. Very pretty sight! The formations of the hills near by is beautiful.

    Alex's World! -

  10. Every shot of that place is beautiful. Hope to conquer that someday.

  11. Kung FB lang to eh "LIKE" ko to. Ang ganda.


  12. kakainggit ang trip na toh. andami nyo dito!

    Pinatubo, dapat mapuntahan ko na talaga toh.

  13. King of the crater FTW! Hehe! Sana maulit itong ganitong trip tayo-tayo ulit magkakasama :D