Sunday, September 16, 2012

Batangas: Ala Eh! Laiya

Sunny Laiya
Fine Sand... check; Awesome views... check; Activities... check; Overnight accommodation... check; Accessibility... check! For s no-fuss with lots of frills weekend trip, Laiya in Batangas is a perfect spot. In fact, amidst arguable opposition, it holds the title of Batangas' Summer Capital.
Shell Pickers
Within a couple of hours from Manila, you will be in some of Batangas' popular beaches from the likes of Nasugbu and Matabungkay but endure a couple of hours more and you will be in a total level-up beach that is Laiya.
Afternoon Hues
Into the Mangrove
Aside from its fine, ash-colored sand, what I like about Laiya is the sweeping view of the beach with different levels of mountain hues such as Mount Daguldol serving as its background.
Three Teens
Blue Shore
Although the place is now teeming with lots of beachside developments, you can still find a secluded cove or quiet places perfect for your reflections. Or if it is activity in the water you are looking for, you can go snorkling or scuba diving.
Low Tide Huts
Laiya Beach
So, if you have a weekend trip in mind, Laiya in San Juan, Batangas may be the perfect getaway for you.


  1. Ten years old ako nung last akong nakapunta ng Laiya by accident. Wanna go there again!

    Ok eto Oman at least nakapag-bakasyon ka kahit overnight lang :D

  2. Love the color of the sand! And the mangroves are gorgeous!

  3. Looks like such a beautiful place to spend some time! Terrific capture, Oman, as always! Hope you've had a great weekend!!

  4. ganda talaga dito, i fall in love with laiya since 2000 and keep coming pag may time...

  5. feels like summer again this September kahit maulan...

  6. Wonderful place with awesome shots!
    Well done! Keep doing :)

  7. Perfect summer place good for hideaway.

  8. I love the second photo Attorney. Ganda rin talaga ng Batangas.

  9. Last time I visited was years ago. Kakamiss. I hosted a lot of beach events along Laiya's coast :)

  10. I've been to Laiya with a big group (with relatives) in 2010 and the experience really marked well on us. It's also one of the reasonably priced destinations.

  11. Wonderful photograph, a superb view. I am greeting

  12. spend 3days and 2nights here...sulit