Friday, October 05, 2012

Nueva Vizcaya : Reunion Trip @ Imugan Falls

Dreamy Imugan Falls
It is the first time in months that the six of us has gotten back on the road. Well, other than the occassional food trips around the metro and several out-of-towners that include four of us at most, this time, the gang (with a muse) is complete and of course, fun and laughter accompanied us every step of the way.
Dreamy Cascades
And what better place to spend the "reunion" than in our favorite cozy and idyllic place of Imugan. Ferdz, Oggie, Eric and I have been to this place together before three years ago while Dong and Allan have visited the place a year ago. We all loved the place and swear to come back and check what have changed.
Imugan Poster Falls
And as expected,nothing much has changed because you will still meet the warm and friendly people in a cool and breezy place. In fact, it felt like time stood still there and that it seemed like we were there just yesterday and not three years ago.
Mountain Mist
It's main attraction is its waterfalls. This is my second visit to Imugan Waterfalls (see my first post here) but this falls still never fails to impress me. From the main falls to the cascades on the rocks to the over-all green scenery, it's magical.
Five of theBest Travel-Photo Bloggers and Me
This time around, I took less photos and just immerse myself with the abundant beauty of nature but as a bonus, let me share to you a video of this falls I have taken using my Samsung phone.
An enjoyable trip made even enjoyable in the company of great friends. Cheers to more travels together.

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  1. Gorgeous falls, terrific capture and it does sound as though you had a great time, Oman, and that is the most important thing of all! Thanks for sharing the beauty and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Ang ganda ng lugar, parang bigla na lang may lalabas na mga diwata.

  3. Wow, that was such a nice reunion trip. I bet you all had a grand time.

  4. I know it was a blast for your group.

  5. Such a beautiful place Atty. So soothing to the eyes.

  6. This post made me remembered the first falls I saw live face to face... This one is nice too!

  7. ayos balikan ang isang lugar and you don't need to take as much photos as the first time! ayos din kasi reunion ninyong mga astig na mga manlalakbay! -- ayan tagalog na tagalog. hahah

  8. bonding with friends and roadtrip is an unbeatable combination.

  9. Super like and first pic. Napaka-soft ng flow ng water.

  10. This is one magical looking falls. Great shot specially the first one.