Sunday, November 11, 2012

Palawan: San Vicente Long Beach

From Alimanguan to Pinagmangalokan is a stretch of fourteen kilometers of white beach which is reputably the longest beach in the Philipppines. As if Palawan is not loaded enough with lots of natural attractions, Tabon Cave, Underground River and Coron to name a few, add to that is this longest beach in the country, thus, Palawan will be hard to beat as the premier province for eco-tourism.
14 Kilometers
Long and Wide
By now you know that I love beaches. From the more famous ones to the less touristy ones. And by the sheer novelty of it, I gotta see the longest white beach of the Philippines.Boracay White Beach has four kilometers and pure and fine white beach while Mahabang Buhangin in Calaguas probably has half of that. And just the thought of stepping into a stretch of white beach that is more than three times longer than Boracay White Beach or about seven times longer than the beach in Calaguas is well, exciting.
Paradise Not Lost

Pull-out the Fishes

My plan was just walk in the beach from end to end and estimated that it would probably take me a couple of hours but some locals suggest that it would be better to rent a motorcycle and drive from one end of the beach to the other.
Upside Down

Honda Prestige
At first I hesitated because the mere thought of riding motorcycle in the sand might not be a good idea because I thought the the wheels of the motorcycle might get stuck on the courseness of the sand. But to my surprise, the sand is very compact and your motorcycle can easily navigate its way to the beach.
Writings on the Sand
Although it would be a perfect setting to ride from one end of the beach to the other one, there will be spoilers because there are some parts of the beach that has streams of fresh water leading to the sea so you haveno choice but to turn back to the adjacent dirt road and turn to the beach front again. But I guess, wishes doesn't always come to reality. :)
Me and I
At present, Long Beach is still undeveloped and wandering from one point to another is free. But locals foresee a development in the place considering that most beach fronts are now privately owned. I just hope that the serenity of the place won't be affected by the development that will take place. Wishful thinking?


  1. Such a beautiful, peaceful looking beach! I would enjoy spending some time there!! Great shot for the day, Oman! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

  2. bkit nman Me n I? Di b pwdeng Me n U? ...just kidding!

  3. WOW! Hope to visit before those resorts start sprouting like mushrooms...

  4. Beautiful place. I would love to go there.

  5. What I would give-up to be in your shoes.

  6. so peaceful. i'd love to explore this early in the am when the fishermen are coming in with their haul.

  7. Oh wow. Why are you going to these beautiful places while I spend my whole day at the office. Not fair :)

  8. Just the thought of walking barefoot at the 14 kilometer beach makes me all excited. Got to be here soon.

  9. I am sold on the word beach alone and yet it is the longest. Oh my.