Friday, April 26, 2013

Cagayan: Thousand Bats Over Pinacanauan River

Serene Pinacanauan River

They say a journey of thousand miles begin at a single step. But for these bats of Pinacanauan River, the journey starts with a single flap of their wings and it happens always everyday at dusk or between five to six in the afternoon.

The Golden Hour is a medical phrase referring to the first hour after a serious accident, when it is crucial that the victim receives medical treatment in order to have a chance of surviving. But taking the phrase literally and in reference to this Cagayan trip, The Golden Hour for me now connotes two meanings.

First, it is the window of time where thousands of bats come out of the small opening in a cave situated off the bank of Pinacanauan River. That time, between five to six in the afternoon is a Golden Hour because seeing thousands of bats flying-out of the cave and into the forest in unison is truly a sight to behold. Although, the entire spectacle would last only for about three minutes, still the experience of witnessing such display is just amazing.

Sesondly, taking the phrase in its more literal sense, the Golden Hour is the time where the fading glow of the sun reflects its rays on a still river turning the sky and the reflection on the river into a golden scene. And if you happen to be riding in a boat that is silently wading into the same river and facing the sky where the sun just set, the hour you have experienced can truly be considered golden.

Do enjoy the photos...

The Cave Sink Hole Where Bats Come Out

Travel Buddy

Thousands and Thousands of Mini Bats

Minutes of Endless Icks

Into The Forest

Approaching Dusk

Golden River

Scenic Dusk by the River

Wait, there is more... here is a cellphone video of the actual scene. Pardon the shaky capture. Enjoy!


  1. Gorgeous skies, Oman, but that is a LOT of bats!!! Terrific captures as always! Such dramatic colors! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!!


  2. Impressive! I never saw this when I was doing field work in the area of and on for a couple of years. Sayang!

  3. Wow. Ang dami tito.

  4. Great job sir.

  5. Ohhh. I was waiting for batman to come out.