Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tabuk City 2/5 : Of Waterways, Roads and Bridges

This sight of two men walking the spillway of Chico River made my trip to Tabuk more interesting. For one, it provided a nice subject for a photo-op incorporating human element to an already picture-worthy spot. But more importantly, it transcends to the thought of what folks in Tabuk would do just to go to the other side of town, risking their lives and limbs by crossing the river thru walking in a slippery spillway.

Of course, a safer alternative would be crossing a bridge that connects one side of town to another, similar to steel hanging bridges of Baguio or Adams which I have tried walking-into before. But for now, construction of bridges in the City has been limited to the main road such as what the photo above shows where an old wooden bridge was replaced by a concrete and steel one. These bridges are located above the Chico River and walking on it will provide you a bird's eye view of the river. It is high noon when I crossed this bridge but I bet this is a nice spot to shoot sunset.

Another fascinating thing about Tabuk is that the city roads are almost paved. There is also a portion there where they have to chip the side of a mountain so that a road can be constructed. Passing thru it seemed like you are passing on a tunnel because the mountain is still intact overhead. I had to ask the driver of the tricycle I have rented to stop so that I can marvel at the sharp and jagged formation of the chipped side of the mountain. Caution should be heeded thou coz' that is on a blind side of the road so be sure that there is someone who can warn you if there are incoming vehicles approaching you.

It is easy to get lost in the beauty of Tabuk. You can spend just wade-away the time hanging by the river or you can explore a little bit further and wonder at their ingenuity. It is a place catching-up with infrastructure developments but still maintains its main tourist draw - that is the natural beauty of Chico River.

More of Tabuk on my next posts.


  1. Very interesting& Beautiful pics!

  2. wala sumisita doon sir sa pagtawid sa spillway na yun? katakot naman yun kung madulas nag lalakad doon.

    1. wala manong unyol, siguro sanay na sila doon pero nakakatakot nga kasi madulas dahil tubig ilog yun.

  3. I love the first pic. We went there, but during the ride, I was all dizzy due to motion sickness. Missed the view going to the jump-off for white water rafting :)

  4. another look at a rarely seen beautiful town.

  5. walking the spillway is such a dangerous feat. kakatakot nito. walang warning signs? hehe i'm kind of geographically lost, can i ask sir where tabuk city is? but this is surely worth a visit. nice photos!

  6. You really have an eye for the fascinating spots of nature. More so, creating a short story in it. I always wanted to travel but my time doesn't allow me as of the moment since I am overseas.

    You blog is really interesting that I keep coming back and browsing more of your older entries.

    Expect me to be a frequent visitor.

  7. I am scared for the two men walking on water. Just a thought of them slipping is unbearable.

  8. I would like to come here. I've never seen such a wonderful place before. But the guys who are walking is dangerous. I hope they made it at the other side of the spillway.^_^

  9. Nice shots and very interesting place! :-)