Sunday, September 08, 2013

Another Leaf Has Turned!

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time. We tend to celebrate it merrily as we can with friends and family. Gifts wrapped in fancy papers as well as cakes lit-up with candles are normally given to celebrators. And to surprise you are special messages in posters made specially on your special day. Here are some of mine:

This is my first birthday at my new workplace in the Medical City. I must admit, the depiction of me as a body builder is one of the weirdest one I had but I truly appreciate the efforts and the greetings of my officemates at Legal Service Department in particular and to the Finance, Admin and Management Support Services Group in general.

This one was a simple dinner treat from my Sister and Brother-in-Law in Pasig. It was my actual birthday and we have just gone from an eventful road trip from Cabanatuan. It was a simple home-cooked dinner of beef broccoli and buffalo wings at my place.

I used to watch He-Man when I was in grade school and have enjoyed his seemingly never-ending battle with Skeletor. Never had I imagine that I will one day don his costume more so have a body like his. But thanks to Lagalog's knack of wordplays... He-Man became O-Man and I became a poster boy with the Masters of the Universe. Of course, the Masters of the Universe here are my Masters of Photography and they have their own posters too. And if my Plurk buddies will allow, you will able to see Wulperine, Acoustic Erick, Dr. Dom and EB Babe's Lantawww.

This one is made again by Lagalog during our get-together lunch turned dinner turned movie marathon in my place in Pasig. They coined my place as "House of Oman" where I cooked home-cooked meals and we chill-out and just talk about anything and everything from photography to travels to friends. Hopefully, I could invite some more bloggers and friends to visit me and chill-out at the "House of Oman". :-p

Again, to everyone who greeted and remembered me on my birthday... THANK YOU!!!


  1. Belated birthday greetings! May the gift of travel keep you as busy whenever you're not at work in your office!

  2. Maybe soon, Ric and I can visit the House of Oman? Hahaha

  3. Happy Birthday Atty. Oman.