Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Siargao : An Overcast Trip in Cloud 9

Surfers in a Wooden Bridge

A traveler must make the most out of any given situation. Although it was my first time in Siargao, with Cloud 9 Surfing, Magpopongko Pool Lagoon, Pansukian Resort, Taktak Falls, Cabuntag Beach and Alegre Beaches, Naked, Guyam and Dacu Islands in my itineraries, mother nature has something else in mind. Although this was a solo trip, Typhoon Seniang accompanied me throughout this trip. So after, taking snaps in the morning just barely before the heavy rains start to pour, I did the next best thing to enjoy Siargao... sleep!

Walk This Way
But you can only sleep so much therefore ask, "What else can I do? So here is a list of five things you can do to pass away time and enjoy your break even if you are stranded in paradise.

The View Deck from Afar
1. Mingle with other stranded guests. - One thing great about Siargao is that there are lots of foreigners who frequently visit the island. In the place I stayed in, there is a function room where all of the guests converge. Get the chance to talk to them and let them share their travel stories and before you know it, time will quickly pass.

Rain Is Coming
2. Read a book. It is a good thing that I brought a book during the trip. The time I was stranded was just enough to finish Daniel Klein's Travel with Epicurus. If you have not brought a book, you can borrow from other guests or ask the resort personnel to lend you one.

Mother and Daughter Collecting Bivalves
3. Shoot photos of the rain. It would be interesting to see plants, trees and even animals sway or move when it rains. My favorite images would be just barely few minutes after a downpour when water drips over leaves or fruits. The reflection and shiny feature of the subject will just never ceased to amaze me.

Closer View of the View Deck
4. Meditate... or do Yoga if you can. - The storm cut all the powers in the region so you need to conserve the battery life of your gadgets for emergency use. On the bright side, you won't have laptops, tablets and other gadgets to share your attention. Breath in... breath out... one of the best thing to do other than procrastinating is meditate.

Cloud Nine Beach
5. Old school board games, playing cards and musical instruments. - Play chess or scrabble with fellow travelers or play cards. Teach them tong-its and they teach you to play bridge. Or strum a borrowed guitar or play the piano or fiddle the violin if ever there is one. Laughter kills boredom and music binds everyone.

Oman in an Island of Siargao
These are just five things to share but there are definitely more. How about you? What do you do if you are stranded in paradise?


  1. Oh, what a beautiful place, Oman!! I would love to go there!! But your photos are the next best thing -- as always!! Thank you so much sharing the fun and the beauty!! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!!

  2. Nice pictures as always Oman :) I had the pleasure of being able to visit Siargao too and it was a bit overcast that time as well. Oh well, it was still a great experience :)

  3. The place and beach are so beautiful.

  4. We went surfing there last year. We miss Cloud 9, particularly its surfer culture and its laid back atmosphere.

  5. I always want to go there. And if I will be stranded in paradise, then I will probably just lay there.

  6. I love this place.