Sunday, July 19, 2015

Siargao : A Somber Journey

Siargao's Rugged Coastline

It isn't advisable to travel during typhoon, we all know the hazards it brings. But armed with caution, I have decided to roam around Siargao in a rented motorcycle. Afterall, it was my last full day in Siargao and I got bored playing pool in the resort and trading travel stories with foreign travelers there (a better excuse than telling you I have exhausted or running-out of English words to say. Quota na!)

Unlike the two previous mornings, this morning proves to be a promising with just gentle shower and less darker skies. So I thought, this could be the day I can finally explore Siargao. Looking at my itinerary, I see the need to improvise. Island-hopping was first to be scrapped-off the list so Naked, Dacu and Guyam Islands have to wait for another day. The Magpopongko Lagoon is submerged in sea water so it was also taken-off the list. So what remained were the Boulevard and the Taytay Falls.

I was in the Boulevard, marveling around its wide white shore when the rain go heavy again. In any consolation, I was able to enjoy its morning scene where fisherfolks arrange their boats and the locals converge for an endless conversations. After few minutes, the rain stopped so off I go. I next searched for Taytay Falls and oh boy it wasn't easy. There are slippery unpaved roads gong there made more difficult by the accumulating mud that my motorcycle has to endure. 

Moreso, there are several scenic views along the way so I had to stop and take some hurried shots. It was more of an opportunity shot really because I don't want to compromise the safety of my dslr too because of the rain. Anyways, I have reached Taytay Falls, took some shots and went back to the resort again because the weather was becoming to be unforgiving. 

Here are some of the few shots I have taken in this trip:

Splash Island

Playing with Boulders

Taktak Falls

Boulevard Morning

Walk This Way

Can't Swim

White Powdery Sand


A View of Guyam Island


  1. Ah, Oman!! These are awesome captures -- scary, but awesome!! I'm glad you're safe!! Thank you so much for sharing such incredible sights with us!! I'm really overwhelmed!!! Take care, stay safe, and enjoy the remainder of your of your trip!!!

  2. Awesome collection of photos Atty. I love the 2nd one the most.

  3. That was a dangerous thing you did back there just to show us these photos. Glad that you came home safe.

  4. The Splash Island pic is my favorite here. Wag masyado maglibot pag bumabagyo Attorney.

  5. What a place. This is where you recharge your batteries.

  6. I love Siargao, especially its Magpupungko tidal pools. I will go back there just for that marvelous place. :)

  7. Never been to this place but looking at the photos even when there is bad weather, I really want to go soon.

  8. These are just lovely and gloomy photos.