Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cebu : Sunset at Moalboal's White Beach

Golden Sunset at Moalboal

One of life's great pleasures is witnessing the sunset. It's symbolical to some as it represents a gift from heaven allowing us to witness the end of the day with a promise of another one the next day. It's also magical to some because no sunset is identical for there will always be variations of clouds, colors, foregrounds and other unexpected things that may show anytime. It's also a blessing to most because it provides us a spectacular show that will soothe us the rest of the day.

Sometimes there are great arrays of colors, too many colors that you can define. Shades of primary colors... blue, red and yellow and just everything in between. Sometimes its more subdued... a monotone of varied hues... mostly golden, such as the case that time at White Beach in Moalboal. Let me share some of my shots taken there:

Hues Blues

Mellow Yellow

Life is a Beach

Golden Rays

Nearing Dark

Cozy Sozy

Sunset Done


  1. Ah, what a glorious way to end a day, Oman, any day!! Superb capture as always!! Thank you for sharing the beauty!! Hope your week is going well!!

  2. I have always love the sunset. Great posts. I hope my friend and I could visit there soon. We are not worried about having long travel because our jet lag prevention, jetLAGFX http://www.jetlagfx.com/ is always on the go.

  3. I do notice that the best sunsets are those from the homeland.

  4. These are beautiful sunset shots. My favorite is the third one.

  5. oh wow! I was in Moalboal for three days about 2 weeks ago and I didnt get to witness such marvel but I enjoyed Moalboal nonetheless.

  6. Ganda ng sunset pictures. We spent a lot of days in Moal Boal also but then, we wanted to see the Sardine run but no luck, apparently it wasn't season.

  7. ito nami-miss ko sa Cebu :) South is definitely a paradise