Sunday, March 06, 2016

Davao Oriental : Journey to Mati

Dahican Beach is Love
Traveling by myself was a dream that had always both excited and scared me a little. I was not so fearful of all the horrible things that could happen to solo traveler in an unfamiliar place : robbery, murder, sold into labor. No, I was afraid of much more scary stuff, like what direction to look when I ate dinner by myself. Could I have a beer in a bar if I wanted to, and not feel like a freak? It was a challenge I just had to put to the test. So, I pushed myself forward, organize everything I can and travel on my own to Davao.

Deep Blue Playground

I highly recommend traveling by oneself from time to time - there are a lot of perks. Getting lost is so much better alone. Davao is a huge place. When the streets spiral around and spit you out at a place you can't find on your torn and wrinkled map, there's no one to pressure you or get mad at you when you get the directions wrong. You can just pretend you meant to wind up where you did all along. 

Waiting for that Perfect Timing
I arrived at Davao City in the evening around 10. The van ride from Davao to Mati starts at 7 in the morning so I have to stay in one of Davao's backpacker inn overnight. Davao boasts itself of a very low crime rate. It is relatively safe to walk its streets at night but most establishments and eateries close at midnight. Bars and joints here, even 7-11, are prohibited to sell liquors when the clock strike 12 MN. 

Hot Dahican Beach
I woke up early and leave Alta Pension House (Php 600 overnight) to catch the first trip to Mati. This lodge is just a stone's throw away from G Mall and the van terminal is just at the left side of the Mall. You can have a quick breakfast at the 7-11 in front of the terminal or just grab some puto offered by peddlers therein. You have to eat something because Mati is a good 4 hours away.

Playing is a Breeze
I reached Mati proper around lunch and checked in on a recently opened lodging house amply named Budget Inn ( Php 850 overnight). Looking for grub is no problem here because there are several decent carinderia that offers palatable food for more that reasonable price. I had my tummy full for less that one hundred pesos.  

Wave Rider
After resting for a couple of hours in my room, I went to the famous Dahican Beach where all photos in this post was taken. There are tricycles in Mati Proper that can take you to the beach but the best mode of transportation to go there is by riding a motorcycle or habal-habal and that is what I just did. It is just a ten minute ride from idyllic Mati proper to the stunning Dahican Beach.

More stories and photos about Dahican Beach on my next post.


  1. Nice! Cant wait for your Dahican beach post, di pa ako nakapunta jan eh. lol :)

  2. Terrific, Oman!! It does look like a great trip to an awesome place!! Thank you, as always, for sharing!! I'm looking forward to more!!

  3. That boy is so good already. He must have been born with fins.

  4. I really have to tick out "solo travel" from my bucket list. I am thinking of doing it in Mati also, or probably Bukidnon.

    But this lifetime won't end with me not travelling solo. Promise.

  5. I also want to travel alone, I'm scared 'coz i feel like it's not safe for a lady to wander in a foreign place. I know i should not let fear devour and stop me to give it a try. Perhaps one day, will also prepare :) You got cool photos here. :)