Sunday, May 29, 2016

Compostela Valley : Eco-Tourism Wonders of Maragusan

Marangig Falls

Compostela Valley is the summer capital of Davao where the quaint, adventurous town of Maragusan awaits those willing to explore its wonder.

Maragusan has a little bit of everything. It has cool weather comparable to Sagada, number of Waterfalls like that of Biliran, hot springs similar to Laguna and cold springs too like that of Banawe. So, it is like enjoying nature at its best in one intrepid town town.

Marangig Cascades

Tagbibinta Falls
The town has almost twenty waterfalls but two of the most popular ones are the Tagbibinta Falls and Marangig Falls. Tagbibinta Falls is just few treks away from jump-off point while Marangig Falls required a little more hiking of about twenty minutes. Of course, hiring a habal-habal to reach the jump-off point is required. Your habal-habal driver could also serve as your guide to the falls.

Tagbibinta Streams

Kanlawig Hot Springs

Aguakan Cold Springs

If hiking is not your thing and you just want to relax in the pool, Maragusan will give you a choice whether you want to dip in a cold or hot pool. For only a minimum entrance fee ($1), one has get to enjoy the very cold pool in Aguacan. Although there is nothing much to see except lifesized animal figurines, its best come on is still its pool. And if you want it hot, you may head to Kanlawig Hot Springs for that much needed relaxation. Best of all, this hot pool is very accessibly located just beside the road.

Aguakan Resort

Aguakan Cold Pools

Haven's Peak

Bagobo Hut at Haven's Peak
As for accommodations, Maragusan has only limited number choices to offer. There is Aguacan Inland Resort and Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort, but probably the best place to stay in the area is the Haven's Peak Highland Resort. Heaven's Peak is located in one of the top most place in town and overlooks the entire town of Maragusan. Going there is an adventure in itself because you need to climb at least hundred steps to reach the reception area.

Ifugao Hut at Haven's Peak

View of Maragusan

Highland Organic Garden
Heaven's Peak also has its organic garden and flower field just above the resort. In fact, all my flower shots from my previous post were taken from their garden. I had the opportunity to talk to the owner and she even invited me to see her goats located further at the top of the hill.  

Haven's Heaven
How did I go there? In going there, coming from Mati, I rode a jeepney which is bigger than the usual ones. Fare is Php 120 and there is only one daily trip that leave around 8 am or whenever full. The trip is uneventful and lasts about 2 and a half hours. There are several trips Bus Trips from Tagum City to Maragusan via Pan Philippine Hi-way. 

In going out from there, I rode an aircon bus heading to Tagum City. There are several trips per day but most are ordinary buses only and travel time is less than a couple of hours.


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