Friday, March 10, 2017

Travel Stories : Younger

It's not uncommon, when you're young, to gather together a few peso, strap on a backpack and spend part of a summer wandering through an unfamiliar place, searching for unknown adventure or merely trying to postpone the inevitable adulthood responsibility called "work". For those who have just finished college, wandering to an unfamiliar place, be it foreign land or local, beckons irresistibly from one's being, a powerful magnet to hungry seekers of romance or naive pretenders to what is considered self enlightenment. When I was young, I dream of conquering the world. That was then, but my stories are now!

Though I shared some of this inspiration in my travel stories through this blog, I also had something else in mind, something that gave my first few trips unique qualities. Unlike my more practical fellow travelers who had scraped together modest but sufficient funds for their journeys, I had not saved enough money to last the month I hoped to stay in the Visayan Region. But I had a plan that I thought would set my trip apart from the rest - I would earn my own way by doing the thing I know best...

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