Friday, June 23, 2017

Quezon: Cagbalete Island Revisited


One of the islands I have visited when I was new at travel blogging is Cagbalete Island. The trip back then brought some lasting memories... the long shoreline during low tide... the beautiful sunrise ...the captivating Bonsai Islets... and of course, traveling with "the" Dong Ho and meeting some other folks I have become friends with.

And now, almost a decade after, I was given a chance, thru an office team building outing, to once again revisit the Island of Cagbalete. Much has change... more people ... more resort ... less tranquil but still captivating.

Writings in the sand

The jump-off to an island is through Mauban Port. Now, this place has totally changed. Due mainly to the influx of travelers to the island, there is now a registration process where each tourist has to pay Php 50 for environmental fee. You have to proceed to the basketball court where the paying booth is located. 

Almost Low Tide
Also, at the port of Mauban, there is now long stainless fences that separates the port from the sea. When we were there few years ago, there are no fence so we can sit on the elevated cemented porch while waiting for our boat ride. 


White Sand
And speaking of boat rides, I remember then that there were only few scheduled trips to the island. On our first trip there, we have to ride a balsa-like boat where we have commodities like chickens, sacks of rice, vegetables and hardware supplies among other as co-passengers. Now, the trips are more frequent and you can even rent a private boat if you do not want to fall in line.


Never Faded

As this is a team-building event for the office, here is our itinerary and some other things prepared:

Day 1
3:00 am – assembly time at the Medical City
4:00 am – estd Manila
8:00 am – esta at Mauban packed breakfast
9:00 am –boat ride to Cagbalete
10:00 am – esta Cagbalete
Rest of the day – set camp/ prepare lunch and dinner/ chill and relax

Day 2
6:00 am – watch sunrise, breakfast preparation, chill, relax
9:00 am – estd Cagbalete
10:00 am - estd Mauban
11:00 am – estd  to Manila
3:00 pm – esta at Manila

Day 1
Breakfast – (packed) hotdog, boiled egg, dilis, rice
Lunch – (boodle fight) fried tuna, assorted gulay, ensalada kamatis/manga/bagoong, chicharon,kanin
Dinner – grilled liempo, seafoods (isda/hipon/pusit), kanin

Day 2
Breakfast – tuyo/pusit, scrambled egg, spam, fried rice
Lunch on the road

Personal Stuff – bring your own
  • Toiletries and sunblock
  • Tent
  • Blankets
  • Mosquito-repellant lotion
  • Flashlight
  • Maintenance Medicines
  • First-aid Kit
  • Swimming Gear
  • Water-proof camera
If you want to have a worry-free stay in Cagbalete, you may want to check out:


Below are accommodations available, that Joven's Beach Resort offer:

Cottage – ORANGE
6 – 8 pax
Air-conditioned with bathroom
PHP 4,500.00
Cottage – RED
4 – 6 pax
Air-conditioned with bathroom
PHP 3,500.00
Cottage – GREEN
4 – 6 pax
Air-conditioned with bathroom
PHP 3,500.00
2 – 4 pax
Air-conditioned room
PHP 2,500.00
Duplex KUBO
15 – 20 pax
With 2 Bathrooms and 2 Electric Fans
PHP 6,000.00
Half-Duplex KUBO
10 – 12 pax
With 2 Bathrooms and 2 Electric Fans
PHP 3,500.00
KUBO w/ Balcony
2 – 4 pax
Fan Room
PHP 1,500.00
6 pax
Fan Room with 1 Bed
PHP 2,000.00
2 – 3 pax
Fan Room
PHP 1,300.00
TENT and space

With Mat and Pillows
PHP 950.00

On the other hand, below are the activities and amenities Joven's offer. Quite cheap I must say, just fitting for someone who is traveling on a tight budget.

Kayak – Single
PHP 200.00 / hour
Kayak – Double
PHP 300.00 / hour
Full Body Massage
PHP 300.00 / hour
Volleyball Court Rental
PHP 50.00 / hour
PHP 50.00 / hour
Snorkeling Gears
PHP 100.00 / hour
PHP 50.00 / hour
PHP 5.00 / song
PHP 200.00
Extra Pillow
PHP 25.00 / piece
Extra Towel
PHP 50.00 / piece
Extra Mat
PHP 50.00 / piece

For more details about Joven's Blue Sea Beach Resort, you may drop a message through their Facebook Page at Or alternatively, you may contact Tita Rexie, the resort owner and caretaker, through their contact number at 0918 396 2997.