Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Manila : Reflections... Identity... Audacity - The Medical City at 50

The Medical City Celebrates 50th Year
It was a night of tribute filled with music as The Medical City celebrated its 50th year anniversary at the Marriott Grand Ballroom last October 14, 2017. The event featured a musical dubbed "TMC Golden Journey" where homegrown talents of doctors and staff starred in the musical that tells the TMC story filled with milestones and music.

While I am barely a baby in TMC where I am currently working for just more than four years, I have been a witness and an eager learner of how TMC evolved through the years as told from the many stories of our dear President.  

And as our President always says, it is important that we look back at our rich history, and the stories that molded TMC to what it is today, along with its identity and audacity to embrace genuine patient partnership and strengthen healthcare leadership.

And through these pictures, we hope to share our stories:

Photo from the Roving Photoman

The SVP with the Men of Finance Group

Ribbon Cutting with the Big 3

Piano Man

All Smiles

Sumptuous Buffet

Steaks and More

Lovely Violinists Keeps Everyone Entertained

Chairman of the Board Dr. Augusto P. Sarmiento

TMC Performers

G-7 Leading the Way

President and CEO Dr. Alfredo R.A. Bengzon

Glittering 50

Cheers to 50 More Years

The Finance, Administrative and Management Support Services 


  1. congratulations to all of you.

  2. Being able to complete 50 years with as big team as The Medical City is no piece of cake & that too with so much success:). Congratulations to all of you. Wish you all the best for future.