Monday, May 08, 2006

Araullo Law Batch 2006

This post was long overdue, but nevertheless, here are the Araullo Law Batch of 2006. (From left to right, ladies then gentlemen):

1. Mary Ann Guevarra

2. Jenny Pailas

3. Lei Mercado

4. Jo-anne Dela Cruz

5. Claire Bomifacio

6. Tin Alavaran

7. Ruby May Tienzo

8. Maylin Leabres

9. Thelma Peralta

10. Onie Ng

11. Cris Crisostomo

12. Rico Interior

13. Melchor Maniquiz

14. Your Blogger

15. Danny Lutino

16. Edward Serrano

17. Ricky Sobrepena

18. John Albert Reyes

19. Raygan Bruan

20. Aries Vergara

21. Amante Balais (wala sa picture)

Again, to all of you guys, Congratulations and GOOD LUCK sa BAR EXAMS!!!


  1. Goodluck all you guys who had taken the exam.....especially to my uncle dan lutino.......i know you can make it.......hope you can get in touch soon.....