Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Commercial Law Bar Exam Coverage

The chairman of the 2006 Bar Examination promulgated the coverage of the 2006 Bar Examinations for Mercantile law to be held on September 17, 2006. (Exactly 4 months from today)

1. Code of Comerce
(a) Merchants and Commercial Transaction, Articles 1-63
(b) Letters of Credit under te Code of Commerce (Articles 1-63
INCLUDE the following:
i. Bulk Sales Law
ii. The Warehouse Receipt Law in relation to the General Bonded Warehouse Act
iii. Trust Receipts Law

2. Negotiable Instruments Law

3. Insurance Code

4. Transportation Laws
(a) Common Carriers
(b) Commercial Contracts for Trnsportation Overland
(c) Maritime Commerce
(d) Public Service Act
(e) The Warsaw Convention of 1929

5. Corporation Law
(a) The Corporation Code
(b) Securities Regulation Code
(c) Banking Laws
i. The New Central Bank Act
ii. Law on Secrecy of Bank Deposits

6. Intellectual Property Code

7. Special Laws
(a) The Chattel Mortgage Law
(b) Real Estate Mortgage Law
(c) The Insolvency Law
(d) Truth in Lending Act
(e) Anti-Money Laundering Law

EXCLUDE the following:
1. Omnibus Investment Code of 1987
2. Foreign Investment Act of 1991

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