Saturday, April 14, 2007

Picnic Grove, Tagaytay

This is just a side trip. Tagaytay City is barely an hour away from Kawit Cavite so we decided to order some take-out food (Garden Salad from Wendy's and Sushi from Tokyo-Tokyo) and go to Picnic Grove.

One of the best views of Taal Volcano can be seen in the Picnic Grove. It also has a walking trail for those who love nature. And of course, it is just one of the best places in Tagaytay where you can just chill, meditate and just let the sun go down.

Entrance fee is only P50 per person. Here are some of my snap shots taken in Tagaytay:


  1. Surprisingly, I have been to Tagaytay only with my friends and kids, not with a special someone. Still, this has not stopped me from enjoying its scenery and culinary offerings to the hilt. My most precious Tagaytay memories consist of climbing the volcano and then sailing around Taal Lake on an official tour with former Phivolcs chief Raymundo Punongbayan, sampling the numerous offerings of the high-end Tagaytay Highlands, horseback riding near Casino Filipino, roaming around the Mahogany Market, enjoying a leisurely lunch at Tagaytay Picnic Grove and trying out the different restos: yummy native food at RSM, foie gras and spanferckel (boneless suckling pig) at Antonio’s, gelato at Massimo’s, steak & kidney pies at Bag O’ Beans, coffee and pasta at Sanctuario Cafe which is very small yet intimate and is one of my “must” stop-overs in Tagaytay

  2. @ annalyn - thank u for visiting

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