Monday, April 02, 2007

Puerto Galera - Weekend Getaway

After five hours of travel by land, passing three Express Highways (NLEX, SLEX, Star-Batangas) and an additional hour of travel by boat, we are now at Puerto Galera - an island paradise in Oriental Mindoro.

Puerto Galera's Famous Sunset

To see this view is really worth the trip.

At the port of Batangas, you have two options to reach Puerto Galera. You may either take the RORA boat (shown above) at P172 per person or you may take smaller boats at P200 per person. The former will take you about 2 hours while the latter will take you there in about an a hour. Since we want to experience both rides, we took the smaller boat with capacity of about 40 persons heading to the island and we took the RORO boat when we departed a couple of days later.

We headed to White Beach and was accomodated at HSL Beach Resort (0926-642-1513). The resort fronts the beach so it really is a good place to stay.

Nightlife is so much fun with lots of bars in the area. So you could go drinking and dancing and go swimming. Or you could just leisurely walk by the shore because there is just too much activity going on.
There are lots of things to do in Puerto Galera. I had a henna tattoo in both my arms before we headed on an island hopping. This is the first time I have snorkled and feed the fishes. The fishes will come to you if you have bread.

Coin-diving kids at the Puerto Galera Port.

Puerto Galera is really the perfect place for that summer holiday. Aside from its white sand and breath-taking landscapes, there really is so much things going around. The island has something for everyone. And this time of the year, it is important that you plan and get reservations because there are lots of tourists coming to the island. Or better yet, just bring your tent and enjoy everything and anything over the sand and under the sun.


  1. Wow, ang ganda naman ng sunset. I will go there but after the holy week na lang para hindi masyado crowded.

  2. I lost my cybershot digicam on the island (huhuhu). The resort owner could no longer find it. What pains me most is not the loss of the camera but the shots I have taken for the past three days.

  3. Beautiful sunset. I love it. Hope to go there someday.

  4. What a beautiful sun-set. Hi.