Saturday, August 23, 2008

Seven Friendship Awards

Friendship Awards, Tags and Meme are common stuff in blogging. Unlike chain letters, these things are more personal and usually associated with that purpose of wanting to learn more things about the receiver. This blog is no stranger in receiving these tags, meme and friendship awards. I often apologize to the sender for not doing their tags sooner and for breaking the chains of awards. So to make-up for those long lost times, I am making this special post on the awards given to me and this is the proper time also to pass these awards to the blogs I admire and to the friends I have met along the way.

Kick-Ass Blogger Award was given to me by Fishing Guy. The rules of this award are to choose 5 bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers”. Let them know in your post, via email or blog comments that they’ve received an award. They are supposed to share the love and link back to the person who awarded them. The 5 bloggers I chose to have this award are:

1. Abou - a whimsical and entertaining blog.
2. BW's A Warped Zone - a laid back but clever proverbial tale of a Filipino abroad.
3. Coldman's Anukayayun - a funny take on anything under the sun with great travel photos.
4. King Daddy Rich - a comic, hip and young blog.
5. Mang Badoy - this blog offers jokes coming from a serious guy.

Must See Blog Award was given to me by Alice of Singapore. This award was created for blogs that cannot be missed.
Whether you secretly lurk, always comment, or frequently check in to see what’s new, these are blogs that must be tuned into regularly. I want to pass this award to:

1. Fishing Guy - his photos and stories will definitely make your day.
2. Anino's Mga Hiwaga ng Kasaysayan - very amusing stories that will keep you at the edge of your seat.
3. Luna Miranda - amazing blog with lots of travels, photos and lovely stories.
4. Redlan's Web of Art - very creative blogger and you will love his personal style of writing.
5. Shades - great photography coming from the heart.

This is another award given to me by Fishing Guy. The Blogger Award for Amazing Friendship is a unique award because the feature of this award is to develop friendship. This award is for bloggers who give joy in our everyday life either thru their beautiful posts or comments they made on your blog. Is there someone who has visited frequently and writes a comment on your work, if so you can give them an award. Take a look through each one and enjoy their sites. I am giving this award to:

1. Acey's Tralala - a talented young lady
2. Alice - she will keep you amazed not only about Singapore but on her views and experiences as well.
3. Belen - i love her, reading her blog is like reading your mom's thoughts.
4. Doc Rio - not just a diary of a dentist but of a sweet lady looking for true love.
5. Shionge - a personal blog full of lovely posts, stories and pics.

Brilliant Weblog Award was given to me by Alice of Singapore and the rules says it shall be given to Bloggers who write very well or take very good photos. I don't know if I deserve this but I am pleased she appreciated my blog and visit it often. I pass this award to the following:

1. Daniel J. Santos - amazing photographer from Portugal.
2. Digital Polaroids - you will learn a lot from this Argentinian photo blogger.
3. Lionheart - a nursing student who likes adventures a lot.
4. Luke Wiley - this magnificent photographer is only 17 years old.
5. Selerines - a blogger from India who writes about interesting topics.

Redlan gave me this PERFECT BLEND OF FRIENDSHIP AWARD, This is given to 3 kinds of FRIENDS:(1)Friends of your own age whom you can talk over your problems, plans and goals with confidence. (2)Friends older than you to whom you can confide and be assured of wise counsel. (3)Friends younger than you whom you can share your life's experiences. I want to pass this award to my new found friends namely:

1. Arabian Josh - you will enjoy this expat's journeys and life experiences.
2. Em of Bato-bato Pik - a very warm-hearted blogger.
3. Beero - one of the few bloggers in my friendster account.
4. Cedeux - a doctor-to-be and an amazing writer.
5. Dakilang Islander - a wanderlust in a beautiful foreign island.

The Five Star Blog Award was given to me by Vanessa. Although I do not know the rule of this award, I suppose that it will be given to blogs whom I consider as 5-Star (ala-5-Star Hotel). So i am passing this award to the following 5-star bloggers:

1. Aethen - watch out for this achiever, this young man will go places.
2. Aline - her blog knows the best places to eat. very informative.
3. Ash - definitely one of the best photoblogger UK can offer.
4. Kris Jasper Van Dyke - trendy, hip somewhat jocular pinoy blogger in London.
5. Vanny - you just want to cuddle and protect this fragile IT blogger.

THE AMAZING BLOGGER AWARD is my own brainchild and this is to be given to bloggers whom the giver thinks excel in their category - be it travel, photography, sports, personal, IT or any other categories. And since I am a traveler and a photo blogger, I would like to give this award to 10 of the best travel-photo bloggers that I have been visiting since I started blogging. So, I am giving this award to the following:

1. Ferdz' En Route - this blog is one of my all-time favorite and way, way up there. great photos and great way of telling stories as if you are traveling with him.
2. Oggie's Lagal[og] - this blogger is very humble yet he has achieved so much. his photos will keep you mesmerized.
3. Dong Ho's Nightscape and Lakbay Pinoy - one of the best travel and photo blogs around with insightful stories about people as well.
4. Allan's Lantaw - an amazing blogger who takes sharp and admirable landscapes of the beauty of the Philippines.
5. Carlo's Ar-We-Der-Yet - a fun traveler and an astounding writer taking you places in the Philippines and Asia.
6. Estan's Ang Langyaw - this guy is a machine, his extensive travel around the Philippines will definitely amaze you. one of the best blogs i have ever seen.
7. Ang Anino ni Abaniko - a jack-of-all trades. photographer, traveler, sportsman and more.
8. Tutubi's Backpacking Philippines and Asia - one of the best blog when it comes to tips on traveling around the Philippines and Asia.
9. Traveler on Foot - a very detailed journal of a Pinoy traveler.
10. The Islander - a blogger from Surigao going coast to coast from the rivers to the boondocks.

Links to the above bloggers are located in my side link. Feel free to check them out.

And speaking of AWARDS, the 2nd Philippine Blog Awards will be held on September 21, 2008 at One Esplanade located at Bay Boulevard near Mall of Asia.

To all Pinoy Bloggers please help the organizers spread the word and to all those nominated, congratulations and good luck to all of you.


  1. wow, may award ang tutubi...blogging for fun :P

  2. Thanks for the award! very nice post!

  3. Thank you attorney.

    (May cash prize po ba? lol.)

    seriously, thank you for always visiting.

  4. yayyy meron akong perfect blend award...hehhe this is a nice post!

  5. Nice naman Kuya! Salamt at nasali ako sa Brilliant Blog award na iyan.... By the way... ano ba talaga yan? Para saan?

  6. wow so many awards! i'm drowning!

  7. ayy.. salamat sa award. hobbies ko na yata ang nagco-collect ng award. it's a fun
    I grab and post it to my blog.

  8. o ha! amazing blogger.. yehey naman!
    sino sponsor mo nito 'torney? hulaan ko. smart telecoms? haha.

    salamat.. cge dagdag ko na sa awards section ko. sana may darating pa. hehe.

  9. Congratulations on all your awards! Hands down, you deserve all of them..

  10. Nagulat ako! First time ko makareceive ng award ... thank you very much. Truly, deeply and madly appreciated!

    It must have caused you some time to make all these possible and your personal award is so cute. It's amazing how your enthusiasm and synergy is shining through these awards (as in your posts and images). Parang they are all from the heart talaga kaya nakakahawa.

    I salute you and more power!

  11. Nagulat ako! First time ko makareceive ng award ... thank you very much. Truly, deeply and madly appreciated!

    It must have caused you some time to make all these possible and your personal award is so cute. It's amazing how your enthusiasm and synergy is shining through these awards (as in your posts and images). Parang they are all from the heart talaga kaya nakakahawa.

    I salute you and more power!

  12. Lawstude, thanks for your commentsin my blog, and wish you can visit france n the future.
    Dali n kasi! i will check your links, if totoo na they are worth visiting. I have my own theory that lawyers never lies, hehe

  13. Wowow. Bigatin hehehe. Congrats.

  14. maraming salamat bro. gagawa rin ako nito pero hindi pa ngayon. naiba yata template mo.

  15. salamas! naiiyak naman ako. hahaha!

  16. Grabe... napakaraming awards. nabusog ako sa kakatingin at sa pagbasa. may effort talaga ang bawat post mo. unique ang post na to. congrats at salamat sa award. perfect shots, a lot of awards. may kulang pa ba? amazing!

    isa lang ang masasabi ko, speech naman dyan. yung pa cheese burger sa september na lang. hahaha...

  17. Congratulations. Ang dami mo naman friends and thank you for passing the 5 star award i have given to you. I have been reading most of the blogs here that you have awarded and they are good choices. Kaya lang bakit ako wala award? Huhuhu. Joke lang, hayaan mo mas dadalasan ko na pagpopost para magka-award din hehehe.

  18. wow! fragile? me? hahaha. thanks. :D

    uy.. salamat sa palging pagdalaw ah? hehehhe.

    haay. sana makabalik na ako. sobrang bz pa din. nakakaloka na. =(

  19. anyway, asan na c vanny the parrot? hahaha. toinks!

  20. Law, thank you for the friendship award. You are really popular. :)

  21. Napakami awards. Ganda kasi mga features mo bro. Keep it up.

  22. Congratulations Lawstude. I am also from Nueva Ecija. Hope you could also feature our place in Cabiao. Beautiful site you have here.

  23. huwaw!! touch naman ako...
    attorney, may kasama ba yang round trip ticket papuntang US?? hehehe..
    thank you so much=)

    "sweet lady looking for a true love" tlga ang description ko huh?? ahaha!!...napapangiti mo ako attorney!!.=)

    congratulations din sa iyo..ang dami mo ng awards.....thanks for sharing it to us!=)

  24. Congratulations to everyone.


  25. Attorney, pa-cheeseburger ka naman. Burger. Burger. Haha.

  26. Thanks for giving me this award.... It will really boost up me....

  27. LS: You certainly did a great job of playing catch up with the Awards. Your sight is always so rewarding to me and thanks for the pass on. I await your next great post.

  28. thanks kuya lawstude for naming me as one of the kick ass bloggers. :D

    twice na ako na name as kick ass.

    ibig sabihin talagang kick ass ata ako. ha haha! oh shit. :D

  29. so many awards and all deserved.

    I thank you for remember me, the prize will be posted there in my place and next post I will offer it.

    thank you again.

  30. wow, thank you, lawstude, for passing on the "Must See Blog" award. i truly appreciate the thought. feeling ko mag-acceptance speech tuloy! hahaha

    thanks again!

  31. I also admire Ferdz' En Route. Kala ko nga nung una di PINOY may ari ng blog. The photos are just amazing.....

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  33. first, let me thank u sa perfect blend of friendship award, ktwa naman..sana makpgkape naman tayo over when i get home..

    2nd, binabati kita sa iyong dserving na nomination sa PinoyWorld, i was actually thinking of ur name and dong being there.. il be happy to see ur name in the 3rd week - landslide i assume :)

    3rd,maraming ty di mo ko nkklmtan .at naapreciate mo ung aking rush post on olympics. i was humbled bro.., had since it came from someone whose photography skill is worldclass.

    txs for telling the world through your lens and site - reminding your fellow even, how beautiful the Philippine is!


  34. ngayon ko lang nalaman na me kaguluhan pa lang ganito dito he he.

    salamat sa kick ass blogger award. whimsical pala blog ko. sana positive un ha ha.

    voted for you. ilan pa ba kelangan mo ha ha

  35. voted for u already... lots of awrds u got in here.. Wish I could grab it all lol... can we please xlink? Pls let me know ok...

  36. congrats on the awards. =) and by the way, already voted for you. =) thanks for the advice nga rin pala.

  37. aww! salamat kuya!
    ingats ka palagi ha=]

  38. Uy! Maraming samalat for the AMAZING BLOGGER AWARD! It's great to know that I somehow inspire people with it. :D

  39. wow! may award pala ako dito. thanks kuya oman! na-touch naman ako dun! hehe. ingat lagi kuya!