Sunday, May 10, 2009

Experience Biliran

I love Biliran. Wish I could stay longer but similar to my other trips, I just don't have the luxury of time. So, to end this series, let me share to you some facts about the province as well as the contact persons and accommodations available in this place.

Biliran prides itself with a reputation of having the purest and sweetest water, numerous waterfalls, rice terraces and several sandy, white beaches on offshore islands. Sadly, tourism has yet to take off in this quiet island province. In fact, there are no organized travel and tour agency in the province so the able officers and staff of the Provincial Tourism Office, aside from the information that will give you, can also be your tour guides.

Of all the places I have seen, I consider this island as one with the best tourism potential so I encourage everyone to experience Biliran now before it becomes another tourist trap.








How to go there:

By plane, there are flights from Manila to Tacloban City or Ormoc City, then you have to ride a bus going to Naval.

By sea, there are routes from Cebu to Naval or take the Manila to Tacloban trip and then ride a bus to Naval.


Biliran Garden Resort - (053) 500-9233
Marvin's Seaside Inn - (053) 500-9571
D Jandell's Cabin - (053) 500-9784
NAPO Maripipi Beach Resort - 0921 774 7991
Chamorita Beach House - 0921 298 8359
AGTA Beach Resort - 0918 514 0603
Brigida Inn - (053) 500-9375
Seabreeze Country Lodge - 0915 947 1685
Naval Country Inn - (053) 500 9049

Finally, I would like to thank the people of Biliran especially Sir June, Shellane and Sherwin of the Provincial Tourism Office and the administrator, officers and staff of the Provincial Government for their warm accommodations.

If you wish to go there, you may contact them at (053) 500-9627

Note: All shots taken at Biliran Garden Resort.


  1. the first photo makes me crave for daing na pusit.:D

    i will definitely include Biliran in my list of places to visit soon. thanks for including phone numbers.:D

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  3. wow... the first thing i did when i first saw the picture on top was kumain agad ng tanghalian... sarap naman nian.. hehehe ganda ren ng shots mo.... hehehe

  4. happy mom's day to your mom and to all moms out there... kiss them for me!!!

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  6. nice series. i really should invite you to our place one of these days. it needs this type of coverage. :-)

  7. parang ang sarap nung pusit. haha. natakam ako bigla. makahanap nga sa sm.

  8. Once it become tourist trap, everything changes

  9. ang sarap naman ung fud. (bigla ko tuloy napatingin sa food ko na oatmeal! hehehe)

    ingats po palagi kuya ah. pasensya na kung madalang na ko nakakdalaw.

  10. Definitely a place worth visiting. Happy mom's day to your mom and wife (?).

  11. oh, my! eggs with onions. what lovely breakfast!

    that exotic plant took my breath away!

  12. thanks atty for the info. i hope we all get a chance to vist their beautiful province. sana nga ma-organize yung tourism nila.

    btw, what do you mean their water is sweet? nilalanggam ba tubig nila? hehehe

    ciao! i'm looking forward to the next series. :)

  13. Fotos de encantar!
    Tenho uma parecida com a última tirada na Jamaica.


  14. Looked like a very relaxing place to be in.

  15. The sight of dried pusit lingers well after I read your Biliran escapade. I miss eating dried pusit!

  16. i never knew about biliran till you featured it here. the place still looks so fragile to be visited by tourists. nice that the tourism office was of great help to your trip there.

    looking forward to the next series!

  17. I love the flowers especially the last one. So wild na parang nasa paraiso ka.

  18. Your first picture make me salivating...looks yummy.

    And yes...the place look still unspoiled.

    I will also include Biliran in my "to visit" places.

  19. oman, i highly recommend marvin's. they are very accommodating. i went there on a Christmas holiday and they accommodated me. i wish your prognosis on the province's potential will come true. biliran is very blessed with natural resources with enormous tourism potential. they just have to do something about the transport especially sa island's interior -- not only are they butt-numbing but i've heard of highway-robbery stories.

  20. Nice photos as always, Lawstude. Those contact numbers you posted should help would-be visitors of Biliran. Thanks for sharing...

  21. as always... ang ganda! at ginutom ako sa food... sarap! :D

  22. Good Day everyone. Thanks for the visit to this blog. I hardly had time for commenting back on your posts these past few weeks because my schedule has really been busy, but as always, I will do my best to comment back and visit all of your blogs as soon as things ease up.

    @ luna miranda - i really want you to experience biliran. i gave their numbers because they can give you lots of info about the place.

    @ ailee920 - thanks. a breakfast of pusit, danggit and scrambled egg with onion is really yummy.

    @ r-yo - you got it panyero. kailan kaya yon?

    @ allen - masarap kumain kasi breakfast yun in a garden. ang ganda ng view.

    @ borneo falcon - i agree, kaya it is better to go there now before everything changes.

  23. @ doc ced - ok lang doc, take ur time and study ka muna.

    @ vinzent - i agree. happy mom's day (belated) to all moms of the world.

    @ bing - thanks. sarap talaga yun.

    @ reena - hahaha, di ko rin tinikman tubig nila eh kasi bottled water ininon ko pero dyan kasi kilala ang biliran eh. they claim that their natural water is the sweetest.

    pero iba buoyancy ng tubig nila sa swimming pool kasi medyo di clear yung tubig tapos mas meron tendency na lumubog ka kesa lumutang.

    @ gata verde - gracias. un abrazo.

  24. @ alicesg - definitely.

    @ the nomadic pinoy - i bet you do. and bagoong and itlog na pula too.

    @ the dong - di ba na missed natin waterfalls last time sa trip natin, dito bro i am sure marami tayo makikita kasi napakadami waterfalls ng biliran. pag balik ko doon sama ka ha.

    @ vanessa - di ko alam tawag doon eh pero nakakita na ko nyan once sa baguio.

    @ sidney - you should check out the place. just contact their tourism office first.

  25. @ oggie - we stayed at biliran garden resort owned by the governor. the place is also good and the srtaff there are very accomodating. we even met with the governor's wife (they are both doctors) and she is very simple and kind.

    i also heard os some stories about biliran so it is better to gather much info about the place and also to talk to the right person when going there.

    @ dodong flores - you are very much welcome.

    @ lalaine - thanks.

    @ fortuitous faery - hahaha. parang sa ati-aihan yata yan ah.

  26. LS: with simplicity comes great beauty if we look. Those are wonderful photos.

  27. Beautiful shots as usual. They're always so tropical and amazing to look at.

  28. It really is a beautiful place, hope you explored beyond Naval, Almeria is a beautiful place too, just next town.

  29. maganda nga ang lugar sa biliran.....mga espina ang mga politiko from leyte....waray ako,hehe..

  30. ngayon ko lang nakita tong blog nato, and AGREE with 2 thumbs up ako dun sa "having the purest and sweetest water", kasi taga rito (My Home), and yet hindi ko pa napupuntahan lahat ng waterfalls and beaches. Lalo na ngaun na once a year nalang ako nakakauwi. Biliran is a Undiscovered Paradise.

  31. Wow! You had time to visit our island. Thanks for the feature! :)