Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sandbar @ Puerto Galera

One that is not so often visited but otherwise still interesting place because of its peculiar landform in Puerto Galera is the Sandbar. The Sandbar is a narrow strip of land that connects the island of Mindoro with Boquete Island. To the east are the waters of Muelle Bay and to the west is the Little Balateros Cove. This place is fast-becoming a word-of-mouth for windsurfers. In fact, an annual competition for windsurfing is held there.

Here are some photos I have taken of the place:

Muelle Bay

Balatero Cove

Some Little Shade



Windsurfers in a Row

Greens Over Blue

Personal Note:

You must have heard the news that last Saturday, 12 people died (including tourists) when a passenger boat capsized on its way to Puerto Galera. That same day, I was in a boat going from Kabatian Island to Labrador in Pangasinan and had a rough experience at sea where our small boat nearly overturned because of the big waves. If not for our boatman who is alert on jumping up and down the boat to equalize the weight, we would have capsized also.

So, it really pays to be cautious and to really plan your trip. The months of May to June could really be not too good for boating specially if you are going to ride small boats. If you really need to travel, always put on a life vest and keenly observe the sea and the weather before you push thru with all of your plans. And with every trip, always pray and seek for guidance.

More of Puerto Galera in my next posts.


  1. Wow! What a truly amazing place!

  2. Do they have enough life jackets for everybody on board the local boats; if so, why are the passengers not required to wear them when the sailing and weather condition are not ideal? Hypothermia is not a problem in Pinas water so if boats do sink, survival rate of passengers wearing life vests will be 100% or nearly so, assuming the water is not shark infested and rescue boats are quick to respond.

  3. yes, good to remind fellow travelers to wear those clunky vests. kahit ano pang mangyari, huwag sasakay kung wala noon. at kung sinabi nang delikado, huwag nang magpilit. i know nakaka-frustrate pero better safe than sorry. (and dead)

  4. i would love to try windsurfing there. good to know that you went home safely from the pangasinan trip.

    i agree, that as the rainy season comes in, let's avoid boat trips as the waters can be unpredictable. not another capones experience!

  5. What lovely places you took us this summer. It's sad that your summer is ending and I hope you took enough photos so the summer postings keep on coming.

  6. Really awesome place. I love it.

  7. Hi Lawstude! I am from Puerto galera! One tip is to travel before 9am. Usually the sea is as smooth as a mirror. And see to it that the boat is big. The case of the accident was overloading of which the katig or outriggers couldn't bear the weight and so sank rather than cut through the waves.

  8. I WISH TO BE HERE OMAN! I was in Boracay and Cebu last week. I'm hoping to visit Puerto Galera next year!

  9. Great post, will put on my travel list - places to visit.

    Tragic accident is it?

  10. I've never been to this part of Puerto Galera...interestingly beautiful.

    You're right, we should check the weather when we travel. sometimes we make stupid mistakes due to lack of correct info. we had a bit of a boat accident on our way back from Cagbalete Island last April. and i was the first to ask for a life vest! the rest of the passengers seemed to be embarrassed to ask for a life vest...i don't know why. the recent boat accident in Puerto Galera was tragic. i wished some passengers were sensible enough to wait for the next boat.

  11. that was tragic. i find the waves thrilling but never it came up in my mind that somehow it will end up to death.

    let us all be safe in all our trips. prayer is the way.

  12. nice photos as ever. i like the one with the windsurfers in a row. :)

    glad to know you're safe :)

  13. Beatiful message Lawstud. As travelers, we should always pray for safety and protection from danger.

  14. Which then reminds me, I don't know how to swim. Haha.

    Oo nga, pray lang tayo. ^^,

  15. You should write a book about the hidden places of the Philippines... this place is gorgeous!

    Please don't call me sir... I am a very simple man :-)

  16. I've never seen Puerto Galera so peacefully captured in photos. You must have visited it at the right time!

  17. Beautiful scenery. Always be careful on your trip Lawstude.

  18. sobrnag lungkot naman ng postscript mo
    may they all rest in peace

    on a lighter note, gallera...
    not a big fan
    pero i would love to check out this place you mentioned

    pang-surfing, ah!

  19. Hello there! I'm back from my looonnng hiatus. It's good to be back here. :)

    Buti ka pa, you've been to several beaches na this summer. Ako once lang. lol. I've heard about that news. Sobrang tragic nga, and fault ng admin nung boat yun. Over passengers na pala. And nung humihingi na sila ng help dun sa mga nalulunod, di raw tinulungan ng staff. Hay.

    Saan naman ang next destination mo po? Ingat lagi ha. ;)

  20. Beautiful photos!!!

    I want to see more...

    Be safe always...

  21. As always, your fotos are very refreshing to look at!

    In here, In hoping for a sunny British weather... That'll start next week! yey!

  22. Hi Lawstudes. Naku!buti na lang alerto ang boatman. Ingat po lagi . Tama po.kailangan talaga.. pray lagi

  23. sad to hear about those accidents - ingat ka lang bro.

    Nice pics with the pretty sailboats and the clean beach, A great place to relax for sure :)

  24. Just a week after the incident in the seas going to Puerti Galera, me and my friends.. No problem in our trip on our way to the island.. Going home, we thought that we would never see the land anymore.. The waves were reaching the top of the boat and water was splashing inside. Passengers were alaready screaming and everyone was panicking. All we coukd do then was pray and hope for the best, that that wouldn't be our last journey.
    Just a tip, if you plan on having boat trips, do not go after lunch better to have it in the morning because the water is calmer.