Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Food Trippin' in Embarcadero

Night Life. Cebu has one, Davao has one, Manila has one and now Bicol has one with Embarcadero de Legazpi.

Embarcadero, which literally means where the ship embarks, is a waterfront, all-activity place located at the harbor area of Legazpi City adjacent to the Sleeping Lion Hill. At the day, it offers a stunning view of the mighty Mayon Volcano as well as Legaspi's cityscape to the north and the Albay Gulf to the east.

But the place literally comes alive at night specially with the towering presence of30-meter tall lighthouse that could become one of the iconic symbols of Legazpi. There are lots of watering hole in the place for those who want to spend the night in the merry mix of beer, pulutan and music.

On the family side, the place has carousels, trains and rides for the kids, shopping place for mom and a hang-out place for just about anybody. As for me, enjoying the night view with San Mig Light on hand and these pulutan are more than enough for me:

Everchanging Lights of the Tower


Grilled Tuna Belly

Grilled Squid

Tokwa at Baboy

Sizzling Pork Sisig

Kinilaw na Pusit

Local Bands on the Background

More of Albay in my next posts.


  1. ang sarap naman ng grilled tuna belly!!! favorite!!!

  2. mukhang masarap lahat! napakain tuloy ako ng oatmeal, naalala ko diet ako... haha

  3. nagutom ako sa grilled squid! yum :)

  4. hi oman. thank you pero naayos narin namin ung Davao itinerary. I will ask you about your Leyte nlng. haha...but i checked your leyte posts already and it's been very helpful.

    yummy foodies!

  5. Wow the photos looked great. Love the different colours of the light reflected in the water. And yes the food looked so yummy.

  6. Ang sarap ng mga pulutan mo! What is tinomok?

  7. ako din di ko alam kung ano yang TINOMOK.

    i like places like this. very friendly to family and couples as well.

  8. Ang ganda ng shots! Nakakagutom. =)

  9. OMG, the food are really lovely to the eyes, and look yummy too. I wish i could go there. The tower is really cool on your picture.

  10. LS: Wonderful look at the city at night. Beautiful captures of the building and water reflections. The food looks wonderful my friend.

  11. @ gillboard - yup and very healthy pa :) yan ang pinapak ko eh lols.

    @ my-so-called-quest - oatmeal? hmm pwede.

    @ buhayprinsesa - sarap nga yun. tamang-tama pag ka grill, di makunay :)

    @ reena - nice. enjoy davao and if you want to ask something about leyte, feel free to buzz me.

    @ alicesg - thanks, the sights and the food there are just fantastic.

  12. @ bertN - sarap talaga, tinomok is chicken cooked in coconut milk and added with laing ang siling labuyo.

    @ photo cache - its a bicol meal. tryn it.

    @ witsandnuts - salamat :)

    @ sheng - i like that tower kasi nagbabago sya ng kulay every minute tapos meron pa sya light shows na makikita from afar.

    @ fishing guy - yup, wonderful night lights and gastronomicaldelights truly make a fun-filled night :)

  13. Beautiful night photos! Wow! The food look yummy! : )

  14. sa unang tingin---Clarke Quay sa Singapore....never heard of this place in Cebu so it's very refreshing to know it through your blog.

  15. OH MY! Everything looked so Y.U.M.M.Y!!! Love, love Tinomok!!! And your photo makes me extra miss it. The sisig looks super-duper crispy too, Grabe mouthwatering talaga! Sarap talaga... Bicolano food. :-)

  16. oman!!!! have u been to the cave system in samar? i saw them in the internet. sana malapit lang yun in leyte. i want to go there...problem is lang din is that i'll be with my relatives so they might not like the idea of spelunking. hahah

  17. Ang sarap ang pusit at tuna...pati sisig. bigla akong nagutom...

  18. maqganda tong ginawa nila diyan. dati kasi madilim ang area na yan.

  19. wow... grilled squid?? i wanna grilled octopus haha

  20. Wow! kakagutom naman... yum yum! Sarap pumunta dyan...

  21. ang yummy naman nung squid and tuna!

  22. Delicious specially the squid and the sisig. Yummy.

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  25. hay naku! namiss ko lahat toh.. dito walang tokwa at baboy.. wala ring banda sa mga resto..waaaahhh! ibalik nyo sa pinas!

  26. @ foongpc - thank you, the food are indeed yummy.

    @ pusang kalye - wala sa Cebu to bai, sa Bicol to hehehe. :)

    @ jenn - i will post another food trip here at puro authentic bicolano foods naman feature ko :)

    @ reena - i have never been to samar. ay wait, napunta na pala ko kaso few minutes lang when i crossed the san juanico bridge hehehe. i heard good things about their cave system and looking forward to go there someday.

    @ nanaybelen - kain na nay :)

  27. @ dong ho - oo nga. kudos to legaspi folks :)

    @ fufu - octopus? just don't grill paul the octopus haha.

    @ i am xprosaic - right dude. food trip and beer :)

    @ u8mypinkc00kies - nice name. kain na.

    @ uno - thanks. sarap talaga.

    @ pamatayhomesick - uwi na at ng mag-inuman na tayo. sagot ko tokwa't baboy haha.

  28. sarap mag food trip
    nakakagutom tuloy

  29. Grabe naman mga pagkain na to, ang sasarap.

  30. Ciao Law
    questa foto mi piace molto, i colori sono così accesi, che sembra un quadro di un pittore !
    Grazie della visita e buona giornata :-))

  31. Great night reflection shot of the colored lights dancing across the water.

  32. Beautiful nightshot, wonderful reflection and colors


  33. @ raft3r - ako rin ginugutom na uli lols

    @ vinzent - kain na :)

    @ rosadimaggio63 - si si. gracias. (ito lang alam kong spanish lols)

    @ pam - thanks, lucky to have captured it.

    @ bracom - thanks, the place is truly alive at night.