Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ligñon Hill and Mayon Volcano

Known worldwide for its near perfect cone, one can't help but be amazed at this majestic volcano that dominates the City of Legaspi in Albay. Mayon Volcano is an active volcano with a base of one hundred thirty kilometers in circumference and rises to 2,421 meters from the shores of Albay Gulf.

And just almost anywhere you maybe in Legaspi, this towering volcano will definitely be visible. That is, if you chance upon a clear day because most often that not, the tip of the Mayon will hide among the clouds, thus earning the monicker of a hidden beauty.

Luckily for us, we have caught Mayon on a very clear day starting from the landing of our plane in Legaspi Airport from the time we trek-up the Ligñon Hill to have one of the best views of Mayon. When you land at Legaspi airport, Ligñon Hill is that mass of land that will cover the base view of Mayon. At first I thought it is a hindrance to appreciate the entire beauty of Mayon but I have come to know that the hill serves as a barrier between the Volcano and the City Proper in times when lava and ash flow out of the volcano. And on the aesthetic side, Ligñon Hill is a perfect trekking field every morning to those who want to stay in shape. Further, one of the best vantage point to see the entire Mayon Volcano is on top of this Hill.

So, when in Legaspi, trekking Ligñon Hill is definitely a worthwhile activity. Here are some photos:

Mayon Volcano

Amazing Race Clue Box

Welcome to Ligñon Hill

Seascape View from the Hill

Legaspi Community

The Climb

Beautiful Magayon

Refreshing Buco After the Trek

Legaspi City can be reached either by land and by plane. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific has daily trips to and fro Manila. Travel time is about 45 minutes. Several bus liners (Philtranco, RSL, Peñafrancia Trans.) have daily operations between Manila and Legazpi. Buses range from ordinary coaches to deluxe coaches with modern amenities. Travel time ranges from 9 to 12 hours. Ligñon Hill can be reached thru tricycles from any point in Legaspi. Although the top can be reached by a vehicle thru a paved road, it is recommended to trek it from the base to the top for a full rewarding experience.

By the way, teams from the Amazing Race arrived while we are in the Hill, some of them even asked us where the red and yellow flag can be located and it was caught on cam. If they will put that on TV remains to be seen :)

More of Albay on my next posts.


  1. The amazing race clue box with Mayon in the background is the most unique photograph I've seen of the volcano by far. Envy mode. :)

    Are the zip-line rides still in operation?

  2. Ang galing naman ng Mayon as "buki" background doon sa first pic.

  3. these are refreshing views of Mayon, without the church steeple.:p

    i love the angle of "The Climb". it looks challenging.:p

  4. tingin ko ang ganda ganda nung mayon nung muntik itong pumutok hehe... pero ganda pa rin ang cone shape niya

  5. ayos!.. namiss ko na rin makapunta dyan sa lugar ng aking mga magulang! legaspi city! mabuhay!

  6. Refreshing shots. It's good you did catch Mayon in its clear form. Normally, it's cloudy on top.

  7. wow very astonishing :) i want buco now too!! it's too hot here in germany ><

  8. Wow the photo of the volcano in the background is so beautiful especially the first photo. I will look out for you all in the Amazing Race.

  9. after such a beautiful sight, the refreshing coolness of buko juice caps the day perfectly.

    never tire of the view that is mayon.

  10. i've seen mayon from the plane. it's so majestic.

  11. wow! finally amazing race made a return to the philippines. great choice of including mayon on its stopovers. ill definitely be watching this season with the hope of seeing a atty oman on that leg.

  12. fantastic shot!

  13. AMAZING! I love it... <3

    Hindi pa ako nakakarating diyan!

  14. Beautiful!! I want to go there!

    So will you end up in a scene from Amazing Race? Haha.

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  16. Hi Norman! Another wonderful set of great pictures!! Impressive!!

    Blogtrotter Two is showing some incredible rocks by the sea... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  17. I love the first pic too, the foreground and the background complemented each other. Astig.

  18. OMG, I didn't know the Amazing Race is back again in the Philippines! I'm hoping to see you on cable TV Lawstude!

  19. @ baktin - yup the zip lines are still in operation but because of the amazing race, it was not working for that day.

    @ blogusvox - thanks, halos nakahiga na ko sa shot na yan lols.

    @ luna miranda - a barage of churches will be on my next posts for bicol has truly some amazing old churches.

    @ sendo - alam mo perfect cone talaga sya sa legaspi and daraga side pero pag nasa ibang town ka pala makikita mo na may bungi sya sa taas.

  20. @ pamatayhomesick - mabuhay bai, ang swerte naman ng magulang mo kasi may mayon volcano sila.

    @ witsandnuts - yeah, swerte talaga. sabi nga nila madalas daw magtago ang mayon sa ulap.

    @ fufu - nice. enjoy your time there.

    @ alicesg - thanks, hopefully they show us even on a split-second lol.

  21. @ photo cache - i always dream of seeing mayon for myself and i am glad the trip did not dissapoint me.

    @ gillboard - i agree, just perfect cone.

    @ dong ho - hahaha. nakaupo lang kami doon sa dadaanan nila. di nga ako nakasagot nung tanungin nila kasi english yung tanong lols.

    @ lianne - thanks.

    @ lionheart - hey richard wuzzup. punta ka na.

  22. @ foongpc - haha hopefully even a split second will make my day.

    @ trotter - thanks. i love rocks and seas so i will definitely check your blog out.

    @ uno - salamat, nakadapa na ko halos nung kunan yan lols.

    @ nomadic pinoy - yup. i think this is the third time they have visited pinas. sana :)

  23. Whoa.
    The first photo is breathtaking!

  24. Oman: How I loved the volcano with the yellow flowers, you captured it perfectly.

  25. wow, u saw amazing race! amazing! hehe...ill watch i the next season jst so i could see u.

    hey, can i ask for help with an itinerary to davao? ichecked ur samal posts. where did u stay? okay ba dun sa talicud beaches? ty

  26. I hope you get your fifteen minutes of fame on Amazing Race! You'll be seen worldwide!

  27. i like the second and third pictures respectively. makes me want to not believe aga muhlach's statement in his flick Kailangan Kita that the Mayon "is nothing compared to the Grand Canyon."

  28. Beautiful Mayon Volcano!

    Happy weekend..

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  30. yun ang masarap don....ganda ng view tapos pawis ka sa kakaikot at kaka-sigt seeing then me buko juice sa tabi. I love the topics!!!!haha

  31. Hi Norman! It seems spammers are attacking hard here...

    Thanks for your comments; meanwhile, as I’m in the office, Blogtrotter Two is on the beach... Enjoy and have a great week!

  32. @ rafter - one of my favorite in this set. :)

    @ Fishing Guy - thank you.

    @ reena - yup. i saw it in a breeze. ang bibilis nila. sure you can e-mail me about my davao itinerary. di kami napunta talicus beaches eh. sa samal island kami pumunta.

    @ fortuitous faery - a fifteeth of a second would work out fine lol.

  33. @ jerick - sabi ni aga yun? basta proud pinoy a din ako, wala sinabi ibang lugar sa pinas :)

    @ regina - thanks you, have a nice one too.

    @ pusang kalye - thanks, sarap talaga ng bj.

    @ trotter - occassional spam attacks here and there, been thinking of putting a word verifier but i don't want my readers to have the hassle :)

  34. may work din kami dyan
    pero di pa ako na-a-assign sa albay
    magrereklamo na ako ngayon

  35. i wan'st able to get a good shot of the Mayon Volcano when I was there because of bad weather... haizt!

  36. awesome pics!!
    I wish I could get a picture with the full view of Mayon Volcano too :)