Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011: A Look Back

Aldous Huxley once said that your true traveler finds boredom rather agreeable than painful. It is the symbol of his liberty, his excessive freedom. He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not merely philosophically, but almost with pleasure. Traveling is a choice, boredom is not. It's the leanest year for me travel-wise because I have decided to have "work" at the front seat. Although, I must admit that my decision has paid handsome dividends professionally, still, life's balance that I used to have suffered. And since this is a travel-blog, less travels means less stories to tell.

January - Barkada Trip in Candaba

February - EDSA at 25

March - Cautious in Rio Hondo

I love blogging but how do you compensate for lack of materials to share. I was thinking, maybe I should revert back to law posts. Hmmm, but then again, with what is going on in our judiciary system, it would probably be a big circus. So, other than a couple of occasional law topics, I have introduced "Interpix" (short for interesting picture), a random of everyday photos from work, home, travels and just about anything under the sun (and moon). I also come up with "Look Back Fridays" where I reposted some of my favorite travel posts from the post and giving them several tweeks like updating the stories or enhancing the photos. So some of the photos in the video above are from travels I made in previous years but were reposted this year.

April - Surfin' in Bagasbas

May - Basilan's Rubber Plantation

June - Serenity at Malamawi

There are new places I have visited this year like Basilan and Zamboanga. There are provinces I have been to before but discovered amazing new places therein like Adams in Ilocos Norte and Bagasbas and Pasacao in the Bicol Region. Then, there are popular places that I usually took for granted because they are easy to reach like San Pablo, Nasugbu and Candaba but nevertheless enjoyed what they have to offer. Also, there are work-related trips that gave me little window to explore like trips in Daet, Naga and Tagbilaran.

July - Adam's Poster Falls "Anuplig"

August - Wade Boarding at Nasugbu

September - Sunrise at Lover's Peak

All in all, while this may be one of my leanest travel season, I still consider this year as one of the most memorable foremost because I still had the chance to travel with the same friends I enjoy traveling with - Dong Ho, Lagalog, Lantaw, Ironwulf, Erick - proof that a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

October - Picturesque Sampaloc Lake

November - Scored at Bohol

December - Surprising Pasacao

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

So... lean travel season? Never again.


  1. More trips next year!

  2. 2012 will be a fruitful year for all of us, photobloggers and travel bloggers :) God bless :)

    -Biboy Ordinario, Adobo Photoshop

  3. What a fantastic look back over the year, Oman! I do hope you get to travel some more in 2012 and I do look forward to seeing more of your incredible photography! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


  4. ang galeng mu namang gumawa ng vid! aylabet! =) kala ko gagawin mu tlaga ang top 10 desti for 2011. haha Favorite ko yung Basilan posts mu at xempre ang Bohol photos mu.
    Glad to see you again Oman, aftr 1 yr ata. haha and thanks for the pencils! Bless you more and cheers to more travels this 2012!:)

  5. ayos talaga yung grupo nyo! 2 pa lang namemeet ko sa inyo. :D

    ok pa rin ang travels despite the professional setback. this just means nakapag-ipon ka na! this also means mas marami kang magagastos for travels next year! - provided na may oras nang nakalaan for next year.

  6. It's a good time to travel with friends, and I am glad i have my best friend, my husband who travels with me, even during the nighttime.

  7. that is one of my favorite life quotes that you featured and so very very true.

    as you mature you realize that you need money to sustain your "vice", i.e. traveling so one must hold down a job. not everyone can earn from blogging :)

    you did very well considering you are holding down a very tough job.

    here's hoping you'd find more time to satisfy your itchy feet in 2012.

  8. Still a great year for you. Hoping for more travels in 2012.

  9. dami mo pa din palanag napuntahan. here comes 2012. aabangan namin ang nakapilang byahe.

  10. Less travel but you have rich stories to tell. Can't wait to hear more.

  11. Wow! Beautiful sunrise photo. Enjoy the holiday. Happy New Year! Wish you more trips next year. :)

  12. Basilan? *worships*

    Hope to meet you soon, sir! :)

  13. lean pa yan sa lagay na yan? eh every month ka ata bumiyahe eh. haha.

    happy new year atty! more travels for you next year. :)

  14. By the way, in case you are interested, there will be a massive (I mean the best ever) New Year's countdown right at the heart of Makati. Hope to see you there.

  15. It's not the number of trips, it's the quality. I'm sure you had great journeys. And there will be greater ones to come.

    Looking forward to read more from you. I derive very useful information from your blog for my own journeys. Thanks!

    Have an awesome 2012, Lawstude! God bless!

  16. Hello Sir Oman, can't help but comment on your blog to greet you Happy New Year po. I am usually just a lurker and I wanna congatulate you for doing the things you love. More travels po for 2012.

  17. You made me realize that having a day job is no excuse to travel. Happy New Year.

  18. May the new year bring you new places to visit and a new woman to come home to. Naks.

  19. Your one year adventure here never fails to had me read everything and appreciate every photo you shared... May the coming year be a year of travel for you. Happy 2012!

  20. Happy New Year Oman!

    Sana magkasama sama uli tayo sa maraming biyahe this 2012.

    Good luck sa bagong work na tatahakin. :)

  21. Happy new year! May you find more time for traveling besides being neck deep with legal work.

  22. i 'luv the video... glad to have met you in person Sir Oman in 2011... Cheers for more travels, great photos and more blessings this 2012! Happy New Year! :)

  23. Such an awesome post with memorable photos of your 2011 trip. Keep it up.