Thursday, May 24, 2012

Antique: Bugtong Bato Falls

Tibiao's Poster Falls
Bugtong-Bato Falls is a multi-tiered falls located in Barangay Tuno in Tibiao, Antique. Going to Falls No. 1 is an easy 30 minute hike from the barangay proper where you will be refreshed with a scenery composed of rice fields, carabaos, ravines and streams. 

Falls No. 1, being the lowest, has long but slim falls that empties itself out of a shallow couldron which is just about knee-deep. Big slippery boulders however can block the view of the falls from afar. To go to Falls No 2, you need to climb a steep stairs located just on the left side of the falls. Although it steep, there is a bamboo handle that can guide you up. To go to Falls No 3, you need to climb up using a rope right near the gushing waters of Falls No. 2 and you need to rapel on the same route when going down.

Just a little trivia, the Falls is called Bugtong Bato because of a huge interconnected rock located just below the falls. I have a picture of the rock below but it is hardly visible because a huge tree sits atop it. Some more photos are shown below:

Falls No One
Jumpers in Falls No. Three
Cascading Through Falls No 1 Basin
Stony Path to Falls No 2
The Bugtong Bato Origin of Nomenclature
Spraying at Falls No 2
Trekking with Carabao
There are various ways of getting to Tibiao, Antique but I took the following route:
1. Airfare from Manila to Ilo-ilo. (Book those Piso or Budget Fares)
2. Van transfer from Ilo-Ilo Airport to Bus Terminal in Molo (P50)
3. Busfare from Molo to Tibiao (Look for Culasi or Libertad-bound Buses) (P150 non-aircon).
4. From Tibiao Proper, hire a tricycle to the jump-off point of Brgy. Importante. P20)
5. From the Jump-off Point, hire a habal-habal/Skylab that will lead you to Brgy. Tuno where Bugtong Bato Falls is located. (P100)

For accommodations, check out Kayak-Inn and look for Edwin or Shiela Endrico at 0905-906-2380 or 0930-127-5197. Normal charges are as follows:
1. Overnight rental of cottage/bahay kubo - Php 500 (good enough for four)
2. Guide fee for Bugtong Bato Falls - Php 100
3. Environmental fee - Php 20
4. Food available upon request. Dinner is usually Php 250 per head while breakfast is Php 100.

Random photos around Tibiao in my next post.


  1. WOW ang ganda! Tood bad di ko napuntahan yan when I went to Tibiao... wala na kasi akong time.. hehehe!

  2. I do love waterfalls and these are gorgeous, Oman!! I would love to see these in person, but your wonderful captures are the next best thing! Thanks for sharing the beauty!! Hope you've had a good week!


  3. awesome post Oman! i love the photos of the waterfalls. galing talaga.

    Cheers! :)

  4. Beautiful waterfalls and basin. I've always loved waterfalls.

  5. such beauty!! i love the waterfalls.. thanks for the info, i would love to go there..

  6. The waterfalls are really refreshing to look at. Thank you for sharing this hidden paradise.

  7. Those falls are beautiful! I didn't even know we have falls like those here. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The Falls look awesome. Hope to go there someday.

  9. @ pinoy adventurista - hello merv, sayang, bilis kasi mga byahe mo eh. in few months time i am sure you will complete the 80 provinces. :)

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    @ vinzent - stop hoping man. go for it. :)

  11. what a remarkable falls. i love the vibrant greenery in the photos. so relaxing.

  12. Wow! Very affordable pati ang accommodation.

    Ang ganda ng mga kuha. Wala pa akong photo ng waterfalls. This is my target now. :)

  13. Did you reach the falls summit? Awesome pics.

  14. Nice shots! Sana mapuntahan ko din 'to.