Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tibiao Snapshots

Never Stop Exploring
To continue where I left off in my previous post about Tibiao, let me share some photos I have taken in this idyllic place. Travelling without expectations can be a good thing because you always stand the chance of having a better time than you expected to. I went to Tibiao with only the Hot Kawa Bath in mind but what I have experienced there was much, much more.

The cliche "Same same but different" has never been more true in Tibiao's case. Sure the environment feels like Sagada, sure there are also white water rafting in Davao and Cagayan De Oro, sure there are hanging bridges in Adams, sure multi-layered waterfalls are plenty in other places too, sure it all sounds too familiar that one may quip it is all the same, but inspite of their similarities, still, it is very much different. And if you can sum-up all those beautiful attractions in one place and add up the novelty that is Kawa Hot Bath, then, Tibiao is definitely a worthy place to visit.
Little Girl in a Kayak
Bamboo Fence
Kayak Inn
Foot Bridge
Rocky Stream
Walk Right Thru You
Banana in a Basket
Modest Meals
Morning Sunshine
Things to do in Tibiao.

1. Laze around all day. Sleep or read a book. Meditate.
2. Watch the fisherfolks build fish cages in the river.
3. Hike and swim in Bugtong Bato Falls.
4. Do white water rafting or tubing in the river.
5. Enjoy a hot bath in a Kawa.
6. Visit a couple of hanging bridges.

With this I end my mini-series on Tibiao. For more inquiries and reservations, you may contact Edwin or Shiela Endrico of Kayak Inn at 0905-906-2380 or 0930-127-5197.


  1. i also love my visit in Tibiao... Ate Sheila is an awesome host... plus the kids are so makukulit na nakakatuwa... hehehe!!! they'll make you feel like part of the family... :)

  2. this is another interesting destination--thank you! i have an uncle in Antique who has been inviting me to come over...i wish i could just go right now! these are beautiful photos--i love the girl and the hanging bridge. oh, and i love your header photo--it has a mystic feel to it.

  3. I might be in Panay Island next month. If we have time, i'll recommend that we visit this place.

  4. It does indeed look like a gorgeous place, Oman! Your photos always capture the beauty so perfectly! I would indeed love to visit your part of the world! Hope your week is going well!

  5. The kayaks look like gigantic bananas! Hay, I wonder when I'd be able to visit Tibiao.

  6. I saw the first photo on your fb and it truly is a nicely captured one. ikaw na nga.

  7. The first shot looks like a scene from a river rund through it.

  8. Looks like an exciting place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I like the bridge! Mejo nakaka-takot nga lang tumawid. :D

  10. it's nice to see that you can squeeze some r&r in your busy schedule counselor.

  11. Gorgeous scenery specially the first one. Thi kid looked surprised.

  12. I really thought those are giant bananas with the little girl... Well Tibiao seems to be a perfect place for those who wants soul searching and stay away from life pressures.

    Nice new layout. I like it!

  13. Ang ganda. The girl with the yellow kayak backdrop, fantastic! :)

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