Thursday, June 07, 2012

Antique: Short Stop at Culasi

Farewell to Summer
With another approaching school year and the first typhoon (Ambo) paying us a visit, summer is officially over. But not in this blog where summer is just starting. Boracay will be revisited in the coming posts as well as a feature on a white beach of Poctoy. For now, let me share to you snapshots of a beach in Culasi, Antique with a view of Malalison and Batbatan Islands.

Culasi is an interesting destination on its own. It's attractions include the Majestic Mount Madja-as, the Rio Guintongaban, Malalison, Batbatan and Maniguin Islands. One needs to spend at least two days to explore this idyllic town or include this in an itinerary that includes a trip to Tibiao and Pandan. This place is usually not too touristy so those who aspire off-the beaten tracks will have the time of their lives there.

Unfortunately, I was only here for a few hours in transit while waiting for a bus ride to Boracay. I took the opportunity to ask around for a beach instead of waiting in a terminal and luckily, this scene, is just few minutes walking distance from the terminal. Next time, I will see to it that I will spend more rime here.
Weep! weep! oh, tearful skies,
While summer gently dies,
And let us bid her sad farewell;
There are no tears so dear
As yours, nor so sincere,
Nor to our hearts such solace tell.
The trees with beauteous green
The leaves no longer screen,
But to the sun their verdure sell;
He gives them glittering gold,
And colors manifold,
How short their day 'twere vain to tell.
Let the wind sadly sigh
O'er flowers that withered lie,
In sover mead, or verdant dell;
Under the falling leaves,
The shroud that autumn weaves,
They sleep, that once we loved so well.
Early the waning light
Fades from our pensive sight,
While deeply tolls the evening bell;
Over the tree-tops tall,
Night treads her airy hall,
And silent listens to the knell.
By the night coldly kissed,
The silvery ghostly mist
Wakes from its slumbrous earthy cell;
Wanders beneath the trees,
Moved by each passing breeze,
Where late the burning sunshine fell.
Not with rare flow'rets gay
Make we a last bouquet,
But mint, and rue, and asphodel;
These are our chosen flowers,
Now that the summer hours
No more our hearts with gladness swell.

Beneath the stars' faint gleam
Moves on the placid stream,
And towards the sea doth flow and swell;
So doth our life-stream flee
On towards infinity,
Where no abiding sorrows dwell.

Farewell! Poem by Bernard Mc Evoy.


  1. A gorgeous capture as always, Oman! Such incredible blue color and I love your composition! Hope your week is going well!


  2. Culasi: Oh, Pretty Fair!

  3. breathtaking blues!
    marvelous composition!

  4. parang may white beach din dun sa island.

    sasabihin ko sana ang galing mo gumawa ng poem, si Bernard pala ang gumawa hehe.

  5. I've been to those towns when I was younger. Did you get to visit patnongon and Sibalom? Madami din mga nice places to go there, but you'd find it amusing when you hear of them speak. I am a Karay-a, and I still love speaking the dialect, though I'm not an expert on it anymore.

  6. Summer is really over... but its not too late to have a trip over a beach. Nice photos and composition Oman. This reminds me of lots of summer memories I had.

  7. Beautiful skies. What a wonderful world. :)

  8. summer is just starting for us. i just hope we have beaches as glorious as this here.

  9. Looks like a good place for a stop-over. Lucky You!