Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baguio City - Wallpapers

One of my all-time favorite destinations is the cool City of Baguio. However, it is raining in Baguio when I came there for a business trip/conference. And since it is only a two-day affair, I really didn't have the luxury of touring the place. I and some company just went to the local market to buy some pasalubong, this is where I took shot of these three wall paperesque photos.


Baguio's famous fruit.

(Let me take you down coz I'm going to .......)

Yellow Roses

(Baguio is famous for its flowers)

Bakit daw mahilig ako sa dilaw na kulay, pangselosong kulay daw to.


Dont you just love the colors?

Pines View Hotel
This is where I always stay at Baguio.

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