Friday, March 02, 2007

My Radio Interview

I was invited today in our local AM Radio Station in Cabanatuan to report about the activities of my office as well as to clarify some issues concerning the governance and operations of the City Government. The interview was made from 9 to 10 am in the "Pag-usapanan Natin" Program of Bensi Datol.
The topic discussed ranges from my duties and responsibilities as City Accountant to the reporting of the financial condition and results of operation of the City.
Issues clarified were those pertaining to the long-term loans of the City Government as well as those pertaining to remittances to various agencies like BIR, GSIS and the like.
It is political season once again and there are lots of mud-slinging and accussations thrown against us. As the City Accountant, all transactions of the City Government passes though me and they are always documented. And as I always say, the truth about everything is always documented in my office and these are public records for everyone to see.


  1. Hello lawstude, just happen to pass your blog when i was looking for the suggested answers in the bar. Just wanna say good luck to you.