Sunday, March 25, 2007

Going Home via Kennon Road

I should have posted these pics a couple of days ago but the pressures of work is just overwhelming. Further, my friends told me that the results of the bar exams might be released this friday so I am literally waiting at the edge of the seat. Whoa! Anxiety and Pressure, I am glad I still haven't got a heart attack. :-)

On our way home from Baguio City last Tuesday, we chose to traverse Kennon Road. There are actually three roads to and fro Baguio - the Marcos Highway, the Naguillan Road and Kennon Road.

Whenever I go up to Baguio, I always choose Marcos Highway because it is the widest and the most safest route. However, traversing Kennon will save you at least 15 minutes of time.

Further, the roadside of Kennon has the most beautiful view from its lush mountains to its other natural wonders. Like the "Bride's Veil" Falls.

Then, there are also man-made landscapes like the hanging bridge and the famous "Lion" who had a make-over. The Lion is now escorting a golden hair and a silver claw and teeth.

So next time you visit Baguio, you may want to traverse Kennon Road but you must be careful specially if it rains because of the mudslide and slippy roads.


  1. I miss Baguio. It's been a long time since I've seen that lion on Kennon Road.

  2. Ferds, me too. I was really surprised that it had a made-over. Before, it was pure black. Whenever I go to Baguio, I always use the Marcos Highway where you can see the defaced head of Pres. Marcos.

  3. I am feeling you. Let us just hope for the best. Good Luck.

  4. Just hang in there, we know that you will be a lawyer soon. We will pray for your success. God Speed!

  5. Whenever i feel pressured, i just stop and pray. Mr lawstude, you should do the same. Godspeed.

  6. @ anonymous - thank you very much.