Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Davao's White Water Rafting

My first time to do white water rafting was almost a year ago in Cagayan De Oro. Back then, I somewhat fear the gushing water's unpredictability. Who wouldn't? I grew up and live in a plain landscape where seas and rivers are far-out concepts.

Having tried, white water rafting before, at least I know what to expect - the locking of feet, the padding amidst rapids and basically just having a good time. What about fear? Fear are oftentimes unreasonable, white water rafting will make you embrace your fear. After surviving the first rapid, you will find yourself laughing at the thought that you were once hesitant to try this at the first place - to be in the middle of rushing waves splashing on the rocks.

So I, together with travel buddies Dong Ho, Scud and Jon and young adventure-travelers Roj and Rob whom we first met on this trip, would definitely recommend this and say conquer your fears and enjoy white water rafting in Davao.

Dry Before

Here We Go

Braving The Rapids

Splashing and Gushing

Calm Time

Rapids Rocks

Passing A Cave

Paddle Hard

After Drifting

Here We Go Again

Peace - Not Rough Everytime

Rough Most Of The Time

Amazing Sights

Wet After

Our Davao White Water Adventure was made possible by River One Adventure, a relatively new company with lots of river rafting experience. Their office is located in Dr 16 Paseo de Roxas Commercial Complex, Manuel Roxas Avenue, Davao City. Their packaged rate of Php 1,500 include a four-hour river rafting, a packed lunch, souvenir river one shirt and a photo-video cd of your adventure (all photos here except the first one were taken of River One). Please contact them at (082) 305 7624 or email them at river01adventure@yahoo.com / riveroneadventure@yahoo.com.

To see the video of our adventure, please click here. And to see other amazing places around the world, please click here.


  1. wow, that was quite an adventure! galing!

  2. Fantastic!! And your photos are fabulous as always! I have been white water rafting in Oregon and it was so much fun! I loved it and would love to do it again! Thanks for taking us along and for the memories!! Have a great week!


  3. whoa ansaya! nasa list ko ang water rafting sa to do list this year.
    ok, here are my questions:
    1. sino nagpipicture sa inyo nila doms?
    2. pwede ba lampas 6persons per boat?
    3. earliest possible time na pwede magstart ng rafting?

    thanks Atty! Ü

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  5. hello everyone...

    @chyng - here are my answers :)

    1. yung tga river one na naka-kayak na may dalang waterproof point and shoot. kasam an yun sa package.

    2. pwede siguro hanggang 9 pero gitna yung iba at walang foot lock.

    3. sa river one adventure 7 am ang call time. you can call them siguro if u want earlier time. :)

  6. What an adventure! I think this one's more manageable for me than to bungee jump in Macau Tower. Hahaha.

  7. Great adventure. So cool. Love to try it one day.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. We have tried White Water Rafting in Davao last year with Davao Wildwater. I plan to go back there and will try River One next time. One Five Bucks is a real steal.

  9. highly recommended! we're opening a trip back to davao on september. sa mga gustong sumama.

  10. Wow! I have never tried white water rafting! Must be very thrilling! I want to try it one day! : )

  11. wow ansaya, may instant photographer!
    8 kasi kami sa group, so yung 2 nasa gitna lang? hehe kawawa sila.
    last na... do you recommend na dito kami dumerecho kasi 6am nasa CDO na kami?

  12. What a fun adventure. Kakainggit

  13. Wow! Ang saya naman nito, i wanna try!

  14. Kasya kaya ako sa raft? Hahaha. Pero gusto ko i-try yan.

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  16. hello again everyone!!!

    @ cyhng - pls try to contact them first for reservation kasi the owner said they rarely accommodate walk-ins.

    cdo to davao (via bukidnon) is at least 3 hours so pag dumating kayo dun ng around 10 am eh baka late na for the morning rafting. :)

    @ d fat man - kasya ka dun tyak kaya lang baka di maging even :-p

  17. wow! galing. ang gandang experience..

  18. LS: What neat photos of the rafting trip, great action shots. Keep your camera dry, hard to do on this type of trip.

  19. naku
    eh, magkakasama na naman pala kayo dito ah

  20. frustrated me. one of the things i've yet to try :(

  21. OMG. I so love this pero parang scary.

  22. It was really fun! jijijijijijiji

  23. looks a lot of fun, nasa bucket list ko din to, wish to try it someday

  24. Hi again,
    I emailed them (both emails adds) and they didn't reply.
    Anyway, Davao pala yan, sa CDO lang kami. Haha
    We'll settle for Kagay. Ü

  25. hi po!

    san po eto exactly sa dvo? thanks!

  26. Looks you had a really great time. I have never experienced river rafting adventure. After reading this site I am very much desperate to go for this adventure.

  27. Wow! The pics look really great. Do you know what DSLR camera was used? And what time did your rafting trip end? thanks :)