Monday, March 22, 2010

Night Falls Over IGACOS

Its name is one of a kind. Abbreviated as IGACOS, we have reached the Island Garden City of Samal nearing dusk via a ten-minute ferry ride from Davao City to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort.

Dubbed as an island, a garden and a city, IGACOS is one fantastic destination. It showcases mix of eco-adventure and laid-back beach bumming. Adventures in this island include zip-lining, trekking, sea-sliding and just about any sea-sports you can think of. But if you are more of a laid-back type of person, you can just relax either at the popular resorts of the island or in still secluded coves and beaches of the area.

We are lucky enough to experience just a little bit of both. The time we spent there was limited but good enough to make us crave for more of IGACOS in the future. Here are some photos as night falls over the Island Garden City:

Paradise Beach Front

Rural Night

Paradise Water Break

Davao Lights

Dong By The Sea

Nearing Dusk

Lawstude in Silhoutte

To go to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort, you can ride in one of the boats that the resort runs continually from the Davao Paradise Island dock. Fee is Php 15 per person or you can pay the whole trip for Php 100. Alternatively, you can go via the Samal-Davao RORO ferry to Babak, from the Waterfront Insular Hotel dock. This will lead you to Samal Pier and then you can take either a motorcycle or tricycle to this resort or any place of your choice.

See more amazing places around the world here. More of IGACOS on my next post.


  1. my friends and i also stayed at Paradise Resort when we visited Samal. i loved their cabanas, and the serenades.:p

    were you able to visit the nearby islands?

  2. Breath-taking captures. I love the 2nd and 3rd pic the most.

  3. Nice and calm city. I can sit there by the jetty for hours if I am there. The view is so nice.

  4. ang tiyaga kumuha ng night shot oh. hahaha... ako hindi nagamit ang dala dala kong tripod. kaya nag drive na lang ng motor. ganda nung beach shot.

  5. yay! diyan din kami nag stay! i love the beach! :) and i wanna go back again! :P

  6. one heck of a destination it looks like from your wonderful image. i like your titled dong by the sea.

  7. ang eemo ng mga pics... hehehe

  8. Fantastic captures as always! Thank you for sharing the beauty and the fun! Hope you have a great week!


  9. That is quite a lovely night scene. I could just rest my feet in that beach and watch the sun set. Thank you for sharing this to "My World".

  10. The mood is so somber, I love it.

  11. How interesting... a garden, an island and a city. Sounds like a place I'd love.

  12. Ang ganda ng mga night shots mo.

  13. Thanks for the virtual tour--looks like a great place to visit, especially the eco-tourism.

    Have a great week, with a "spring" in your step!

  14. I've been to Samal once and I regret that I didn't take much photos then (long time ago). The night shots are great. Your silhouette is a little dramatic (in a nice way). =)

  15. These are some lovely shots of the setting sun. I like it.

  16. These are great shots. I have seen some shots where people in silhoutte play with the setting sun and sometimes use it as a ball. This could be the perfect timing for that. :)

  17. Ang ganda naman. I like the last pic coz nostalgic ang dating.

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  19. I love your shots. Thanks for sharing these somber views.

  20. Gusto ko yung 3rd pic. Ang ganda ng kuha ng buwan together with the "light trail" nung tricycle

  21. i like the second to the last pic. water is so calm. Ganda ang place..

    BTW: thanks sa comment mo sa aking post "Funeral Agents" Hehehh.. lahat kasi na offer sa akin wala akong pinapatawad kahit anong topic basta may bayad. LOL

  22. Hi, Atty. Oman. Galing ng mga night shots. This is what I'd like to shoot too in places like this.
    Actually, the locals in this island don't want the name of their islands be abbreviated into IGACOS. They prefer it to be mentioned in its long name. But I don't know. Maybe they gradually accepted it.
    I'll wait for more photos of this place. Sana maka-visit ulit kaagad...

  23. Wonderful and awesome place.

  24. @ luna miranda - i love the seranades too and have heard them while taking shots at the beach. due to time constraints, we were not able to visit talicud island. maybe next time. :)

    @ olan - salamat bro. nice meeting you and hope to travel with you soon.

    @ uno - salamat bro.

    @ superman - what's amazing about this place is that you could see the lights of the main island of davao at night.

  25. @ the dong - oo nga ano. di ko man lang nakita nilabas mo tripod mo. ok yung drive mo ng motor, mas maingat kesa dun sa gumasa lol.

    @ princess dyanie - nice. dapat tawag jan paradise island "maze" resort. lol. dami kasi harang.

    @ photo cache - hehehe. with dong's indulgence of course. thanks.

    @ gillboard - haha. emo ba? model modelan kami eh. lol.

  26. @ dirk - thank you.

    @ sylvia - very kind words. :) hope you had a great weekend too.

    @ brenda - getting my feet wet and watching the sunset are two of my fave activities too. thanks.

    @ j bar - thanks :)

  27. @ jenny - thanks. somber amply described it.

    @ jenn - you will definitely love the place. i did.

    @ bertN - salamat bro. tsamba lang.

    @ pat - thanks. i will definitely have spring in my steps, in fact im springing my way to the office now lol.

    @witsandnuts - before, i usually regret not having a decent camera to document my travels, but now, i am thinking that was a blessing in disguise because i have more reason to go back there again. :)

  28. @ vicky - thank you.

    @ d fat man - the sun hid that afternoon. i was surprised at the outcome myself coz i made it appear that there was a perfect sunset. hopefully i cud do that in the future trips.

    @ vanessa - nostalgic. nice. :)

    @ rafter - most samalinos dislike IGACOS but i guess they have learned to accept their new name.

    @ riet - you are very much welcome. :)

  29. @ blogusvox - di ko expected yung shot na yan. that was after our dinner at a barbeque stand. kinuhanan ko lang yung buwan at saktong may papadaan na motor.

    @ nanaybelen - salamat nay. ok lang po yun. basta kumikita at nageenjoy.

    @ dodong flores - salamat bro. i agree, either mas gusto nila yung mahabang name or simply samal na lang. :)

    @ regina - it is. thanks.