Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Panagbenga Festival!!!

I'm off to Baguio for the weekend to witness the 15th Panagbenga Festival which co-incide with the City's 100th Founding Anniversary. "Panagbenga" is a Kankana-ey term for "a season of blossoming". Kankana-ey is a language spoken by tribes in Benguet and Mountain Province. This festival is the reason for the influx of travelers in the City in recent years.

Let me leave with you some shots I have taken of the Festival last year:

The Costumes and the Colors

The Dance and The Moves

Amazing Choreography to the Beat of Native Drums

The Gimmicks and the Hype

The Smiles of Welcome

Tribute to the Native Dance

The Flowers That Bloom...

... and turns into Broom


The Maidens in Blue

Float Made of Flowers

Definitely not the Little Drummer Boy

Hari ng Padala

Will Someone Cam Out of the Cake

A Lovely House Made-up of Flowers

Hotel's Contribution

Please see the entire posts by clicking the link below:

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  1. Di na pala LBC ang hari ng padala ngayon? hehehe.

    missed panagbenga and baguio. and nevada square also.

    sana makabalik muli...

  2. Sounds fun and exciting!

    Mejo nailang lang ako dun sa Cebuana Lhuillier signage na naka-post dun sa isang float. :p

  3. another colorful festival! i had a great time at Panagbenga a few years the flower floats. the last time i was at Panagbenga was the time when it rained so hard during the parade, the kids were shivering from the cold, and later it was reported that a lot of children got sick and parents complained. i hope the Panagbenga this year would be blessed with perfect Baguio weather. looking forward to your photos.

  4. wow! very colorful. never attended panagbenga yet dahil dami daw talagang tao. so ill just have to wait for your photos!


  5. Very colorful festival! Enjoy yourself Lawstude!


  6. I love the colors! mabango rin ba pag dumadaan ang mga float? :)

  7. I wish I could witness this soon too.

  8. Wonderful & colorful festival.I hope you enjoy the fest.

  9. wow sarap naman at magpapalamig ka pala sa city of pines ha!

    naalala ko one time, umakyat kami jan tapos sabay sa parade grabe! inabot kami ng maghapon bago kami nakapunta sa destination namin sa PMA

    great shots, attorney! pasalubong strawberry jam at walis ha :-)

  10. saya naman... baguio ka naman ngayon... ganda ng mga kuha mo... ganda ng m ga flowers...

    abangan ko ang susunod na pics mo galing baguio...

    kung hindi lang na ospital lola ko eh baka papunta na din kami baguio... hehehe.. sayang! =)


  11. Enjoy the Panagbenga 2009 !
    Look forward to see your new pictures !

  12. Don't forget to share your pictures with us. Have fun shooting!

  13. What a parade!! Can't believe all the work those preparations must have been!

  14. Same to you. Looks like a really colourful festival. Reminds me of the independence parade we have here in Malaysia.

  15. Im sure Baguio will try to outdo the pomp and pageantry of last year's event. And we're all very lucky because you will be there to cover the event.

    Be safe.

  16. have fun in baguio! miss igorota would love to witness the panagbenga. :P

  17. i frequent baguio.

    a decade ago, sabay yung panagbenga celebration and the PMA alumni homecoming celebration. the traffic was sooo terrible. it's a good thing the city government separated these two events now.

    enjoy the weekend!

  18. nasa baguio din sana ako nagyon.. :(

    nahospital kc pamangkin ko kaya di na ako tumuloy.. kelangan kong magbantay.

  19. minsan ko na rin nakaranas manuod ng parade nila.maganda at kahanga hanga!

  20. happy weekend

    nasa baguio ako right after the festival

    baka naman may suggestsions ka where to stay?

    i'm totally clueless

    manor lang alam ko
    at hindi ko sya afford at dehins work related ang trip ko ngayon

  21. uy mkhang kahit mauulan e oks na oks! nagutom ako nung nakita ko yung chowking! hehehe.

    ingats kuya=p

  22. Ang daming bulaklak ang pinitas at ginamit... Gusto ko yung may heart, simple lang pero may dating!

  23. Just dropping by waiting for the photos from Baguio seeee-teeee! Ingat!

  24. Um verdadeiro espéctaculo de cores!!


  25. Um verdadeiro espéctaculo de cores!!


  26. hay! kelan kaya ako makaka experience ng penagbenga. i saw on tv today na super saya dun.

  27. What a fun celebration. Must have cost a fortune.

  28. Lovely parade. I will wait for your 2009 posts on Panagbenga.

  29. would love to experience Penagbenga sometime soon:) Ang ganda2, colorful pa.

  30. Thank you guys for all your comments here. It was an eventful Panagbenga 2009 and i will share to you my pics of the parade in just a few days. Take Care everyone!!!

  31. Ang ganda!! Saan ka nakapwesto nyan? :)

    Try ko um-attend nyan next yr.

  32. All I can say is WOW!!!
    You people really know how to put colour and beauty in to the existense. What ellaborate floats and they have required a lot of work.

  33. ANG gandah talaga wala me masabi

    mas maganda siguro kung andun ka mismo sa festival anuh....